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How to make your messages worth reading: SMS personalisation

As you are well aware, sending messages via SMS is a valuable tool to reach your target audience. With its high delivery and open rates, many companies still rely on SMS for notification, authentication and marketing purposes. However, since your company is not the only one asking for attention from the receiver, your messages better be worth reading. And for this, SMS personalisation is key.

The basis of sms personalisation

When it comes to SMS personalization, it all starts with a name. If you send out bulk messages, the trick is not to have the receiver notice he is just one of many. This reduces the relevance of the message to him, which will result in lower open rates. Just adding the name of the receiver can make a world of difference.

Besides adding the name of the receiver, mentioning your own name is never a bad idea. You may even want to use different senders for the different receivers. For example, consider adding the name of the account manager at the end of the message.

Timing is key for SMS personalization

As you can imagine, the time your message is received influences the click rate. Because of the importance of timing, many marketers have studied the perfect time to send marketing messages. However, you should never underestimate the power of data. Analyze the open rates of your previous campaigns to find out what time works best for your target audience.

Sending bulk SMS messages as an SMS campaign is a popular way to reach out to great numbers of customers. But with great groups come great differences. Creating sub-groups in your SMS list will help you write more targeted and thus more relevant messages. For example, do you know if your receivers have recently shopped at your store, what their favorite purchase is or what store is closest to them? Showing you know your customer by adding such elements, will improve your results.

These are just the first tips for sending personalized SMS. We are more than happy to tell you more about how SMS personalization can improve your campaigns.

Send Customers SMS Messages with a 98% Open Rate

Learn More About SMS

Send Customers SMS Messages with a 98% Open Rate

Learn More About SMS
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