Mobile Convention Brussels 2015 Live Stream

As you might have read in our email on Sunday, Mobile Convention Brussels turns to live streaming for this edition, due to security threats in Brussels.

Mobile Convention Brussels

We hereby send you an update on the details to join our Mobile Convention Brussels live stream event.



  1. Jeremy Abbett, Google
  2. Alex Meisl, WiForia
  3. Ramon Luijten, EMansion
  4. Proximus
  5. Andy Carvell, SoundCloud
  6. High Tech Playground, Hogescholen
  7. Dean Murphy, IBM
  8. David Skerrett & Peggy Anne Salz
  9. Ayesha Ammad-Durrani, Unilever
  10. Bernd Damme (moderator)


Tuesday, 24 November 10.00 AM (CEST).


The device of your choice. There's no need to log in for the YouTube live stream; it's accessable to everyone on the device you choose: [WATCH THE LIVE STREAM]

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