10+4 Mobile Marketing Facts you probably didn’t know before…

Gone are the days that a mobile enabled presence wasn’t a top-priority. According to CNN, “Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet (in January 2014) — the first time that has ever happened.”

10+4 Mobile Marketing Facts you probably didn’t know before…

Beside the stats from CNN, here are few more interesting mobile marketing stats: about half of all American adults has a smartphone and that number increases to 76% for the millennial generation. Almost half of all consumers won’t come back to a site if it is not loaded in a decent way. Also, mobile payments are not only for small payments like a coffee anymore; three quarters of B2B vendors say they have plans to implement mobile commerce by the end of 2014.

Mobile marketing facts

We gathered 10 mobile marketing facts you probably didn’t know before and may interest you:

  1. 25% of the smartphone owners between ages 18-44 can’t recall the last time they didn’t have their mobile phone next to them Fast Company
  2. There are now 143 million smart phones in use in the US and 71 million tablets Heidi Cohen
  3. At this time about half of all B2B vendors sell through mobile phones, while three out of four have plans to use mobile commerce by the end of 2014 MarketingCharts
  4. Tablet users spend about 50% more time online than desktop users The Social Media Hat
  5. Marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in the U.S. in 2012. That figure doubled to $8.5 million in 2013; and that figure is projected to quadruple to $31.1 billion by 2017. Search advertising accounts for about half of the total. Heidi Cohen
  6. Forget branded apps. 93% of consumers say branded apps do not contribute to their brand loyalty iMedia Connection
  7. 25% of the Americans use their mobile device (mainly iPad) only to access the internet. There are five times as much mobile phones in the world as there are PC’s iMedia Connection
  8. Twitter has more than 500 million users in total. 288 Million users are monthly active and generate about 400 million tweets per day Digital Buzz Blog
  9. 99% of all apps are only used once. Unless your app does something incredible that no other app can do, reality is that your app will be downloaded, opened and forgotten. Proper reactivation can help though.
  10. Mobile internet access enabled by smartphones and tablets has nearly doubled the amount of time spent online since 2010 Heidi Cohen

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