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Online identification: Who is standing at your digital front door?

Your webshop will undoubtedly be as user-friendly as possible, with great offers and secure payment methods. This is how you want to achieve the highest possible conversion ratio. Yet many webshops still create a high threshold for consumers.

What is the problem?

Many webshops use a standard form when purchasing and registering. Customers need to go through a number of questions in order to get information, like name, address, age, etc. However, they don’t want to release all these personal data for a purchase.

85% of consumers indicate that they don’t like to create a separate account for each webshop. 75% of consumers are not willing to choose a new password. Especially if 80% of consumers believe that they will forget the password anyways! 22% of consumers even have to request one or more passwords every month. This leads to often choosing passwords, which they know and are not safe.

Given these figures, it will be no surprise that creating an account at a specific webshop is a reason for customers to leave their shopping cart. Undoubtedly when it concerns an impulsive purchase, every extra step can disrupt the purchase. For example, the lack of good online identification can cost the retailer a lot of money.

An alternative to creating accounts and passwords that many webshops use is the social login, where for example a link is made with the Facebook account of the user. But consumers are becoming increasingly reluctant here to, which is a direct consequence of the negative reports about privacy scandals in social media. And we haven't even mentioned the disadvantages for the web shop owner, who actually pays to deliver data to Facebook.

The expert group for which was asked by the Thuiswinkel organization, learns that there is a need for a smarter, safer and more user-friendly login method. Is there room for that one login method? And could be a logical facilitator in this and increase conversion?

You have the choice

There are currently a number of alternatives available for a safer and user-friendly login, each with its own level of certainty. This varies from Two-step Authentication via One Time Passwords or an Authenticator app, to login with a higher degree of certainty and more information disclosure. For this you can use itsme or iDIN for example. Depending on the level of security you need and the amount of information you are looking for, you choose the solution that suits your store, products and customers. I would like to explain iDIN a bit more here.

Obtaining security with iDIN

iDIN is the new way of identifying online with the trusted and secure login method of the bank. Via iDIN the customer can create an account in your webshop. He doesn’t have to fill in his own details like name, address, date of birth, gender and contact details. Is age verification mandatory? Then you can also use iDIN for age verification. Because of the high level of security, iDIN is also used by insurers companies and government agencies.

Online age verification

The Nederlandse Loterij is a good example of smart online age verification in web shops. The Nederlandse Loterij is the Dutch gambling organization, known from the Staatsloterij, Lotto, Toto and scratch cards. The games are intended for people aged 18 and older. To verify the age of online participants easier and safer, the Nederlandse Loterij introduced iDIN. "We have opted for this implementation, partly because of the convenience for users. Of course we have an interest in such a tool that does not deter consumers," says Marlin Kamminga of the Dutch Lottery.

With the implementation of iDIN via, they make smart use of an technology to make it easy and safe for the user and take their responsibility when it comes to controlling age (18+). helps companies communicate with their customers and identify them. Do you want to know which login method suits best for your webshop? Find out the various solutions that our platform offers.

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