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Online visitor registration for professional events: the main advantages

The festival season will soon begin and thousands consumers are using their mobile phone to search for the events they can’t miss. Consumers want to be able to order, pay and receive their tickets directly via the same route. Online visitor registration with the mobile phone can make life of both visitor and event organiser much easier.

We still often see the old-fashioned pen-and-paper registration for access control at events such as a festivals, business event or sports event. Nevertheless, this outdated method no longer satisfies safety and ease of use. Moreover, consumers want to be able to count on the same ease of registration as in the previous steps.

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From mobile first to mobile only

We are moving more and more easily in the 'mobile only' world. Many daily activities have been moved from physical to the small screen of the mobile phone. The complete purchase cycle, for example from a ticket for an event, could therefore be moved from the kiosk, to the web shop, to the mobile ticketshop. Now, the consumer can and wants to shop at home, on his couch, and complete the purchase with his mobile wallet.

This also means that the consumer does not want to print his ticket to enter. If he bought the ticket via his mobile, he also wants to keep it on his mobile. Don’t send your ticket only as a PDF via e-mail, but make use of the possibility to send e-tickets or m-tickets. Your scanning crew can then easily scan the tickets with mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. Moreover, online visitor registration and mobile ticket scanning gives you more insight than just how many tickets have been sold. This also saves you money.

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Event info and marketing campaigns

With online ticket sales you get a digital list with information including the mobile number of your visitors. You can use these telephone numbers (if you have explicitly requested permission) to share information. For example, you can send a route description. Or inform visitors of the possibility to buy parking tickets in advance.

By adding a payment link to this SMS message, consumers can pay for it within a minute. And because they always have their phone with them, they also have their parking ticket immediately. With their mobile phone in their pocket, access control -thanks to online visitor registration from the mobile phone- is much faster as well. This increases user convenience for the consumer and improves the flow for you as an organizer.

Online visitor registration for safety

Online visitor registration and ticket sales give insight about your visitors. By digitally scanning these tickets at the entrance gate, you’ll gain insights into the actual current number of visitors to your event. In the unlikely event of a calamity, having your real-time visitor information, makes an evacuation easy to check. In addition, you can send the visitors a direct SMS alert to warn them, should a crisis occur.

Real results with online visitor registration

To guarantee and increase the success of your futures events, you need data. For example, look at peaks in visitor registration that you have obtained through your scanning equipment. But also consider asking via SMS or e-mail about the experiences of your visitors using your online registration list. A short questionnaire can provide the necessary insights for an even better next event.

A rich customer experience

If visitor registration is fully optimised for mobile, a totally new experience and service for events can be created. For this, you can use the data you obtained during the registration. Use this to send personalised marketing campaigns per segmented group. For example, send an SMS campaign to last year's visitors, with a direct mobile payment link to the ticket shop for early-bird tickets.

Or send an order confirmation with a link to the event-branded mobile page with the purchased ticket, an impressive video impression and the route description. After the event, you can send an automated voice message from one of the artists to thank them for coming. Events live longer thanks to the possibilities of online mobile visitor registration.

Also curious about using mobile solutions for your events? Read more about all the possibilities for online visitor registration and ticketing or contact us for customised advice.

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More about online ticketing

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