Paris food delivery platform Popchef updates customers with CM’s SMS API

Hard work deserves great and fresh food. Paris based food delivery platform Popchef realised that and brings to restaurants what Uber brought to taxis’: speed, simplicity and quality. Popchef uses CM’s messaging API to update customers on their orders.

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Mobile technology and the appconomy proved to be disruptive in many verticals, worldwide. Uber has transformed the taxi market, has made booking a room or hotel a lot easier. Healthcare is the next victim of mobile disruption, mobile experts predict. But let’s not forget food tech, or ‘gastrotech’, if you like. Food order and delivery companies have discovered mobile offers many possibilities to simplify food ordering. A great example in Paris is Popchef.

Revolutionize restaurants

Popchef was founded in September 2014 by Francois Raynaud de Fitte, Pierrick Paul and Briac Lescure and launched in 2015 at the Paris Founders Event Winter 2015 with a mission to revolutionize the restaurant market in France and Europe. “We propose the delivery of fresh and healthy dishes, prepared the same day by a chef for lunch. What we want is to bring to the restaurant what Uber has brought to taxis: speed, simplicity and quality, for an incredible consumer experience”, the company’s CTO and Data Engineer Francois Vasnier explains.

Raised 2.2 million euro’s

Today, Popchef employs more than 400 couriers, has delivered more than 100.000 dishes and sees double-digit growth numbers only two years after its launch in 2015. In December 2016, the company raised 2.2 million euro’s in 2 rounds from seven investors. Today’s average delivery time is 11 minutes after a user has popped his phone and selected a meal in the Popchef app.

As the delivery time is one of the pillars in Popchef’s business, next to fresh and healthy meals for a good price, the company uses’s messaging platform to update their customers on the status of their order. Popchef connected their CRM system to’s messaging API to automatically send delivery confirmation and times. Through the API and’s platform, Popchef updates thousands of customers on their delivery status, like ETA’s and location.

Updates are real-time

Francois Vasnier: “'s solutions enable us to alert our customers on the status of their order. Every day, thousands of SMS messages are sent directly to our customers' mobiles so that they can receive their order. The integration of's solutions in our system allows us to alert our customers in real-time about the state of their order, it is an essential point of the quality of service that we propose. The reliability of our delivery is at the heart of the promise of Popchef.”

Ready-to-use in just a few days

Popchef’s SMS notification system was ready-to-use in just a few days after both companies decided to work together on sending delivery updates via mobile messaging. “This was crucial for Popchef, we like to have things ready fast”, the company’s CTO says. “Also, offers us a much lower price than the overall competition in France, with no compromise on quality of service.”

‘Passionate and ambitious’

Jeremy Delrue, country manager for France in Paris: “Today, communication is very important. Consumers like and expect to be updated on the status of their orders and – for instance - meal delivery. This is what Popchef customers like about them, next to their fresh dishes. It's also a pleasure for to work with the wonderful Popchef team. They are passionate, ambitious, and very professional.”

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