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Platform Updates: August 2020

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

Email Campaigns – A/B testing

It’s now possible to discover which variant of your email campaign gives you the best results for your audience. Set your test audience and the rest will receive the best performing variant of your campaign.

Email Campaigns – HTML editor

It’s now possible to create or modify your campaigns via an HTML editor.

Customer Data Platform – Consent Management

Don’t be boring anymore and apply your own branding style to your consent management page.

Voice – Voice Management

In our Voice Management App, it’s now possible to configure a default Sender number (CLI) to be sent with your calls. This prevents extra costs due to a missing number and ensures calls to successfully connect.

You are now also able to manage your distribution groups for incoming calls much more efficiently. When creating a distribution group, you can save it to multiple voice accounts. This is perfect for resellers with a lot of accounts.

Channels – WhatsApp sandbox

We are now live with our WhatsApp sandbox. Within our WhatsApp sandbox environment you can start testing and developing your WhatsApp Business solution before the approval of your WhatsApp Business Account. No need to wait, you can get started right away!

Customer Contact – Manage emails

We’ve now added email as a standard conversation channel to Customer Contact. With the email integration you can set up multiple email accounts, include attachments to your email, route emails to specific teams, set out-of-office notifications, set pre-defined answers (quick replies) and view email statistics. 

Customer Contact – Chatbot integration

We’ve now integrated our Chatbot within Customer Contact. Within the dashboard you can manage the standard rules for hand-over to a human agent, but also pro-actively intervene and take-over a conversation when the chatbot gets stuck.

With Statistics, you can monitor the performance of the Chatbot to further enhance the conversation flow. You can update your bot script in safe mode or even update the bot script on the fly.

Payments – new payment method in3

With this added online payment method your customers can pay in three installments without interest. Their order is shipped after the first payment. The second and third payments are made within 30 and 60 days.

Payments – Mobile Order

Mobile Order goes international and is now available in all languages by utilizing our internal translations app. Additionally, it now supports 60+ currencies and 20 different payment methods.

Sign – Japan

Sign is now also available in Asia, initially with focus on Japan. The official stamps (Hanko) that are required for a legally binding signed contract in Japan are now available in Sign. We offer three kinds of Japanese stamps; personal stamps (your name), company stamps (in name of the company) and company functional stamps (in name of the company and your function).

Ticketing – resell platform

From now on, it is possible to add a resell platform to your ticket shop (seated customers only). This enables your customers to resell their tickets at the right price. Besides that, it ensures that the name of the new buyer replaces the name of the former buyer, which guarantees the new buyer their access and the validity of their tickets.

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