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Platform Updates: December 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers work hard to improve the platform. In this update, you can read everything about the latest changes.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Customer Data Platform

Import contacts directly from your profile insights page

We have added an import button to the profile insight page. This makes it even easier to import data into the CDP.

cdp import button

Basic workflow insights

It is now possible to see how many people are in a waiting step of a workflow and to see the list of profiles within this step. From this list you can also navigate directly to the profile.

workflow analytics

Hal+json available in HTML step in workflows

The HTTP step in workflows now supports the processing of an additional response language called hal+Json (in addition to just Json).


WhatsApp as social sharing component

We have added WhatsApp to the social sharing component in Pages. In addition, we added an instruction in the sidebar that explains how to create urls with pre-populated messages

wa sharing component


Extra branding opportunities

To further customize the look and feel of Sign, we’ve made it possible to change the colors of the buttons in the whole Sign environment. This gives you the opportunity to further express your company style. And this gives your signatories a better and more trustworthy feeling of the Sign actions they must undertake. As shown in the screenshot, the “Primary Color” setting changes the buttons such as "Start" or "Reject". The "Success Color" is the color you see when the actions are finalized.

sign branding

Preparation process improvement

The experience of the dossier owner (the person preparing and sending the documents) is improved by making a visual distinction between the fields added for each signatory. All fields added for a signatory have a distinctive color, meaning all fields of the same color belong to a specific signatory. Before this update, every action field had the same color (for example, all signature fields were green, and all initial fields were yellow). With this update, we hope to make your preparation process much easier.

process improvement

Keep track of "Undeliverable" documents

You already receive a notification from when a document is not delivered successfully. We have now added a link in this message which will immediately direct you to the document it concerns. This way, you can adjust the receiver’s e-mail address in just a few clicks, quick and easy.

keep track visual

Bonus: get documents signed, in Japanese

Around a year ago, Sign was made available for the Japanese market. It is now possible for Japanese users to choose a different font when using the pre-configured fonts signing a document. When you have Japanese clients, you can now serve them even better!

sign Japanese document

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