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Platform updates: February 2018

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving our platform. In this update, we want to inform you on the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

  • Automatic top-up

With the new automatic top-up, you are no longer at risk of running out of money when sending a large campaign. Have you entered your credit card details* in the platform? Then you can now setup an automated recharge.  

In the newly added wallet in your platform account, you can find and manage all your financial information and transactions related to Here you can also determine the auto-recharge settings for recurring payments.

platform feature

Just enter the balance limit and the desired amount you want your wallet topped up to. You can change these settings whenever you want. When you reach the set lower minimum, the needed credit will automatically be added. This is then charged to your credit card and an invoice is sent to your billing address. This way, you will always have sufficient credit to send your campaigns. 

* Credit card details are encrypted and fully protected

  • System Generated emails

Also, we’ve updated the flow of automatically generated email updates from our platform. Notifications about pre-paid balance and invoices are now no longer sent to the commercial email address but to your billing address. This way, you can be sure each update reaches you correctly. Also, the update mails are now available in all languages supported by the platform and website. You can easily change the used email address in your profile settings. 

  • Added payment methods

Another improvement to make our platform more user friendly for all customers, is adding new payment methods. The added payment methods are:

  • Sofort for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Bank Transfers, to be used by all European customers
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), to be used by customers with a South-African account

For a complete overview of the payment methods available in your country, please consult your wallet in the platform. 

  • Emoji

There are countless ways to write a persuasive (marketing) message in 160-characters. The most challenging part in communicating with such a limited amount of characters, is conveying the right intention. Emoji are here to help prevent miscommunication. With our latest update of the Send Messages app, using emoji is now easier than ever before. And because the Emoji can have different meanings in different countries, they can be changed in the translations app for a more local focus of your messages.

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  • Messaging Log

In the newly added Messaging Log, you can now find a clear and detailed logging overview of all the text messages. Information on delivery status and campaign costs of all sent messages can be found there. Selecting specific time frames, allows you to easily compare campaigns with one another. You can find a cost indication before sending a campaign and the exact ‘post campaign costs’ here. This makes it easier to get a grip on your expenses. 

  • Landing Pages

We’ve recently added a new feature to our platform which will help you attract your customer’s attention. You can now easily create your own custom mobile landing page, allowing you to send rich text messaging via SMS. This feature is free to use for all customers using the SMS Campaigns app.

Find out more about this new landing pages feature here >

  • Chat

We want to make sure using our platform comes effortlessly. Therefore, we’ve now added a live chat to the platform. During office hours (9 AM to 5 PM) you can find the chat button in the corner of your screen. Use the chat to ask our colleagues from the Genius team about the website, platform, pricing and more. Of course, our support team is still available via email if the chat is inactive. 

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