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Platform updates: July 2020

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

Customer Data Platform – branching flows

We now introduce branching workflows in our Customer Data Platform. First you were only able to add single step automations that couldn’t branch. Now you can upgrade your marketing automation possibilities with branching workflows and personalize your customer journey even more. Create different paths for customers that did or didn’t open an email or performed a certain action. Don't let everyone follow the same workflow, but adapt it to the needs of your customer. 

Email Campaigns – tags

To have a better overview in your Email Campaigns dashboard you can now add tags to your Campaigns in order to easily filter and search.

Email Campaigns – Google Analytics

We’ve added Google Analytics tracking to Email Campaigns. When you enable Google Analytics tracking in the advanced tab of your Campaign, we will automatically add UTM tags to your added links.

Pages – new features

The dashboard is completely redesigned, and we’ve improved the loading speed of the dashboard. You can now easily navigate through your new, draft, live and expired Pages. We’ve also improved the preview feature of the Page, it now shows directly in your dashboard.

When a Page is live the dashboard shows you the statistics (open rate, form submits, page costs, etc) and you can easily delete and duplicate your Pages.

A new feature we’ve added are the Templates. These are example Pages we’ve already designed and set up for you. You can easily edit and use these templates for your own campaigns. This way it’s much easier for you to get started with Pages. 

Campaigns - Rich Media Templates

With Campaigns, you are now able to add Rich Media Templates to your WhatsApp messages. Choose between one of the templates and easily add a document (PDF for example) or media (image or video) to your message.

Voice - Analytics

To give you more insights on the number of calls and minutes, we've improved Voice Analytics. Within the Voice Analytics dashboard we now show a split between calls and successful calls.

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