Recap Mobile Convention London: Understanding and using the connected lifestyle

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Mobile Convention London

3D printed jewellery and a paper manual for installing smartphones for the elder. Mobile Convention London (MCL) showed diversity in the mobile landscape in many ways. A review on the keynotes during the second edition of MCL.

Physical and Digital

Co-founder of Special Projects Clara Gaggero Westaway kicked off MCL with showcasing her project on how to educate the elder in installing their mobile phones. Clara states technology hasn’t been developed for the elder to use. Special Projects aspires to help elder people in learning and using technology. “To make very good digital projects, you need to think about the physical context of usage”, she says.

Special Projects’ ‘Out of the Box’ is a friendly user manual for Samsung smart phone by Vitamins Design London, Royal College of Arts Helen Hamyln Center and Samsung Design Europe. Watch their video to see how it works!

The Connected Marketer

Mobile fanatics can confirm the statements of moderator Paul Berney who explained how connected everybody and everything is nowadays. IoT and the introduction of 5G ensure we - together with our devices, houses, cars and other belongings – will be connected to everyone and everything 24 hours per day. “We exist in a constant state of connectedness”, Mr. Berney says. “Brands can benefit from this state by understanding the needs of a connected individual.”



Just fuel, please!

Shell puts the fuel consuming customer first by removing the hassle of paying inside fuel stations. Janine Albrecht-Webb showcases how her employer enabled Shell customers to pay by mobile phone at right at the fuel pump without queuing with people who’re purchasing other stuff at the fuel stations. “We’ve remarkably improved the customer experience and removed pain points with this mobile solution.”

The value of the like

Twitter’s Ashley Vinson justly puts up the question if bigger is really better in social media. She asks her audience if it’s really all about more likes, more views, more engagement. “Are all likes equal?”, she asks. According to Ashley marketers should look behind the numbers. “A video view is sometimes not a view because people watch television while they watch videos on their smartphones. They aren’t really watching. You’ve got to understand conversion better than just the amount of views.”

Hey bank, where you at?

When was the last time you physically visited your bank? Patrick Imbach, working with KPMG High Growth can’t remember when he last visited a branch of his bank. As an alternative, he uses a variety of mobile apps to make purchases that fulfil his daily needs. He sends money to his home country Germany with Azimo, uses Amazon to buy for books an other stuff and learns from App fancy what he may want to buy based on his interests. “It’s financial service snacking, without the interference of a bank.”

The above is brief review of the second edition of Mobile Convention London. Stay tuned as we will publish more videos, interviews and photos.

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