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Safer internet: what can you do?

Today is Safer Internet Day. Safer internet. That’s quite a goal, isn’t it? Surely, we can all agree that improving internet security is important. Especially now that the internet is tapping into more and more territories. But with all the online threats, the road to a safe internet comes with many challenges. What can you do to secure the safety of your data and that of your customers?

In spite of the numerous possibilities to secure online data, many people and companies still underestimate the risks of cybercrime. Social accounts of Dutch politicians were easily hacked, the Turkish citizenship database was leaked online and numerous emails from the Democratic National Committee got stolen. And this is just tip of the iceberg. Therefore, the Safer Internet Day initiative wants to raise awareness on internet safety and invites everyone to “be the change”. CM Telecom offers some simple changes you can make to improve your internet security.

CM Authenticator 

Businesses are moving towards cloud-based services, which offers many benefits but also leads to great vulnerability. Such online environments are an easy target for hackers as they are often only secured by a username and password. With CM Secure, you can add an extra factor of authentication via your mobile phone. When a user tries to login to your environment, this is shown on the user’s mobile phone. Then, the user can approve or deny the request to login via the CM Authenticator app or via an SMS. Read more about CM Secure.

(Update: the CM Authenticator app was discontinued at the end of '19. Please refer to OTP via SMS).

One Time Passwords

There are other ways to authenticate login sessions and minimise risks. For example, with our easy to integrate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You can send One Time Passwords to the user’s phone via SMS or Push. Here, an automated numeric password is shown for the user to enter in the login environment. This is an often-used authentication method in banking and finance. These One Time Passwords are sent instantly and are only valid for a limited period of time, further increasing its security. 

CM Secure’s solutions are already used in Outlook webmail, WordPress websites, web apps, online portals and online banking. Find out how our solutions can add an extra and essential layer of security to your company. Contact us to find out the possibilities. 


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