Securing login sessions with two-factor authentication

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Securing login sessions with two-factor authentication

Concepts such as mHealth and eHealth are advancing; health insurers and hospitals are more and more aware of its advantages. Parallel to this development there is more attention for securely logging on into client and patient portals by means of one time passwords and two-factor authentication.

Communication with the consumer is increasingly digitalizing. Health insurers handle special personal who enjoy special legal protection and require a high level of security.

Strong security with one-time passwords

Also declaration data falls under the heading of special data. This status implies that the portal has to meet specific authentication requirements. Among those specific authentication capabilities is one-time passwords via SMS, also known as two-factor authentication. This form of portal security provides the user a one-time password via SMS, delivered on his mobile phone. This text password is also valid for a limited period of time, which even more secures the login session

Cooperation CM for secure login

SMS service CM works closely with the government and also provides one-time passwords via SMS that people use to log into their public domain portal, healthcare facilities or health care providers. CM sees an increasing demand for better security of online portals and offers its own 2FA solutions through various mobile channels (Push, SMS and Voice).

Durable, safe and efficient portals

CM has extensive experience in securing the best patient and client portals and secure remote login. Not only health institutions have relied on one-time SMS passwords. Banks and other small and large companies connected their portal to the OTP service of CM. The introduction of One Time Passwords also leads to a more sustainable and efficient use of the online portals.

Sharing knowledge through Whitepaper

CM shares this knowledge in its White Paper, which interested parties can receive for free. The White Paper describes what is possible with One Time Passwords and why they are needed harder in present time.

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