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Send SMS online and reach your target group fast and efficiently

If you want your marketing message to be seen by your target group, mobile is the best channel. In particular SMS, of which 98% are already read within a few minutes, can quickly increase your conversion. Sending business SMS online is easier than ever, from our intuitive online interface.

The easiest way to reach your target group effectively and fast is via the Send App. This online interface is easy to use by anyone, even without the help of developers, to send SMS online. Many companies, both large and small, therefore already use this technique to send marketing messages to their target group. From your PC you can send your persuasive SMS campaigns directly to the phone of your (segmented) target group. Real-time delivery and statistics show which messages convert.

SMS marketing messages

Companies worldwide use the power of SMS to reach their target group quickly, either locally or globally. You can send your first campaign within one minute. With the Send Messages app, you'll create SMS templates that you can use for different campaigns. Create segments in your target database for targeted and personalised campaigns. In addition, use merge tags for further personalisation.

Send your campaign immediately or plan for later. Have opt-outs processed automatically in your address book and send remarketing messages to recipients that have not yet converted. This way,  you'll get the maximum out of mobile marketing with our intuitive interface, even without technical skills.

Send SMS online, from your own PC

Anyone with a CM platform account can use the Send Messages app. The app is installed by default. This WebApp is an intuitive online self-service interface to send SMS campaigns to any database. You do this via a few easy steps.

Go to your user profile and set up a campaign within one minute. Upload your database and write your message. Then set up your message in the template and send it immediately. You can also choose to schedule the message to be automatically sent at a later time.

The benefits of the Send Messages app

If you choose CM's SMS platform, you choose reliability and scalability. Thanks to our direct operator connections, you know you can count on fast and reliable delivery, anywhere in the world, with our competitive rates. Moreover, with the Send Messages app you automatically comply with local regulations.

Get more out of the Send Messages app and use it for appointment reminders and notification messages.

  • Send SMS online within 1 minute
  • No technical skills required
  • ISO certified
  • 24/7 support from our Network Operations Center
  • Competitive rates

Try our Send Messages app yourself with 10 free SMS messages and discover how easy it is to reach your target audience with SMS.

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