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Showcasing RCS Business Messaging at Mobile World Congress

This year, SMS enters a completely new phase as brands have the ability to roll out Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages to their customers.

RCS means enriched mobile messaging including images, video's, payment functionality and more, all in the familiar sms channel. As part of Google's Early Access Program, businesses have started rolling out Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages to their customers, which will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Early Access Program

Last year Google created an early access program to make it easier for brands to start participating in RCS business messaging (the mobile industry's term for rich business-to-consumer messages). Today companies across retail, food, travel, leisure and delivery services are starting to have better conversations with their customers using RCS as part of Google's Early Access Program in the US and coming soon to Mexico.

Live cases with RCS

In doing so, we created some interesting use cases already and see that all functionalities truly come together with RCS Business Messaging. For instance, in an exclusive collaboration with, music artist Hardwell initiated an RCS campaign to give away tickets for Ultra Music Festival. Furthermore, in close collaboration with Google, we setup enriched business messaging via RCS for And, during this Mobile World Congress, I will give an informative session on Monday and provide insights on a use case together with the GSMA.

During this session, we offer operators a unique opportunity to get informed and ask questions surrounding RCS and MaaP in an environment, prioritising information exchange and best practice.

Are you attending MWC18? Then don't miss this informative session to learn more on RCS Business Messaging!

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