SMS alerts when Dutch lift bridges malfunction

Two lifting bridges in the Netherlands have been equipped with SMS alerts in case of lifting disruptions. Commuters who cross the bridge on a regular basis can subscribe to this free service.

Botlekbrug Rotterdam

The Dutch Rijkswaterstaat, responsible for the road network, set up the alerting system after various disruptions, causing delays and longer detours. The SMS alerts should prevent commuters from getting stuck in traffic jams as a result of failures in lifting bridges.

Free SMS alerts

Commuters, who often pass the Botlek Bridge or the Spijkenisser Bridge - both in the Rotterdam area - are offered to register for the free mobile message alerts. They can simply send an SMS text message to short code 3669 containing the appropriate keywords like 'BBRUG AAN' or 'SBRUG AAN', depending on which bridge they use.

Temporary solution

The SMS alert system should be a temporary solution. Rijkswaterstaat is investigating what causes the disruptions to the lifting bridges and is working on ultimate solution. Meanwhile Rijkswaterstaat uses CM's platform to enable fast communications and update commuters on disruptions to the bridges, so they can reroute timely and avoid getting stuck in traffic. 

CM Direct

Rijkswaterstaat uses CM Direct, CM's online tool to send text messages to users worldwide. CM Direct offers an online dashboard directly connected to CM's worldwide SMS Gateway. Rijkswaterstaat simply composes a message, selects the user group to which is has to be distributed and presses 'SEND'. 

CM Direct Online SMS Gateway

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