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Sports and Digitization: The Old One-Two for Ultimate Fan Engagement

Digitization is gaining ground in the world of soccer. This process of many years has been given a boost thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, interaction with your supporters is more challenging then ever and it requires out-of-the-box solutions. And as it happens, we have an entire platform full of them.

Online Ticketing As a First Step

Most soccer clubs are familiar with digital ticketing, user-friendly online ticket sales and access management by now. has provided ticketing for several soccer clubs including NAC Breda, ADO Den Haag and KAS Eupen for years and as of this season they will do the same for De Graafschap, TOP Oss and MVV Maastricht. 

voetbal logos

Peter Rood, Account Executive at “It’s great to see that these clubs have chosen our platform to sell their tickets. We’re happy that they’ve put their trust in us and it’s our pleasure to help them prepare for the future. Apart from ticketing, we have a lot more to offer to help them grow, for instance automated communication with fans via several communication channels and the creation of data profiles of supporters. You can find all of that on one platform”.

Missed Opportunity

It’s every soccer club’s desire to have more information about their stadium visitors. “Most of the time, multiple tickets are bought by one individual”, Peter Rood says. “You’ll have that person’s contact details, but it would be preferred to get more details and know more about their preferences. In addition, you want to get to know the other visitors. There is a lot of potential there. Especially when you realize that has everything it takes to make the entire supporter journey, i.e. the experience of a supporter before, during and after the game, unforgettable.”


The invisible supporter. Do you know the visitors of your stadium? (Photo by Pol beda Hervs)

Mobile Marketing Cloud: Personalized Mobile Communication

Once you know who your fans are, you’re able to personalize your communication with them. The interaction with your fans takes place via chatbots, email or mobile numbers – via WhatsApp or SMS. It’s possible to create fan profiles that can be used for segmentation. They can be stored in a Customer Data Platform and you can actively approach them with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. That way fans can easily buy a ticket and make a seat reservation using their favorite online channel. You can enrich those profiles with new details of your supporters to improve the personalization of communication.   

NAC Breda

In this example, NAC Breda shows us how it works in practice. At the end of the season 2016-2017, all season ticket holders received a personal phone message from soccer player Manu García, the club’s hero. In that message he revealed that he had extended his contract for another year; the most loyal group of supporters were the first to know. Following García’s phone call, the fans received a SMS containing a link for renewal of the season tickets. 


Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

Another inspiring example of what happens when’s technology is used in sports is the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, which will take place in September 2021 in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. uses its technology to ensure that the visitor experience is well looked after, down to the smallest detail. Online preregistration, multiple payment methods including installment payments, one-on-one interaction with the fans; it’s all easy and secure and all the supporter needs is a smartphone.

Back to Soccer: NAC Breda

Out of all the soccer clubs in The Netherlands, NAC Breda is where it all started for At the time, was the main sponsor. In co-creation with NAC, we came up with and developed various digital solutions. Primary goal: strengthen the relationship with fans. One of the solutions is the Guest manager environment. Sponsors and skybox holders can use this environment to easily manage their own tickets and to send out invitations, directions and even match previews to their guests. That saves the staff a fair amount of time. 

New Collaborations With Mvv Maastricht

As of the 2021-2022 season, MVV Maastricht and are collaborating. An important step in professionalization, according to general director Erik Noor: “together with we will offer our supporters and partners a stylish platform. In time, all our services and products will be available on this platform. A wonderful thing to look forward to for our supporters and for us.” 

logo-mvv-maastricht new

A One-Two With the Customer

Co-creation is still the way operates: a one-two with the customer to improve the fan experience on all counts. Peter Rood: “The moment you, as a football club, are aware of all possibilities, you want to be a part of it. Why would you solely use newsletters to communicate, if you can send a personal WhatsApp message? Why wouldn’t you send your fans a video message, recorded by one of your players, to ask them to renew their season ticket? If you save your fan’s preferences, you can even have their favorite player record this message. Supporters would love that.” 

Improve Your Fan Engagement plays an important role in the interaction between soccer club and supporter. We have got the technology and the expertise. If you want your supporters to have an excellent experience before, during and after the game, we are more than happy to help you realize that goal. 

Digitization for Sports

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Digitization for Sports

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