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Many companies remain behind on the technological possibilities to improve the customer journey of new and existing customers. How do you choose between the many possibilities and ensure at the same that your customer stays central in every step of your marketing strategy? During the second edition of CM Inspires in Utrecht we saw the applications from now and later. Read here how you can easily integrate them into your marketing processes.

CM inspires event mobile customer journey

IBM Watson for business

The experiences the consumer has with your brand today are the minimum expectation for tomorrow. "Making an awesome impression only succeeds when your expressions are tailored to your customer: personalized, unique and relevant". This is the conviction of the first speaker Ronald Velten, Marketing and Communications Director of IBM and responsible for the Watson program in Europe.

As early as 2011, Watson - IBM's supercomputer – won from two of the best Jeopardy players. Faster and better than the wizzkids, Watson answered all the questions asked. Watson's intelligence is becoming more and more applicable for the business community to make customer communication truly unique and relevant.

This way Watson can help doctors in less developed areas to make a diagnosis. Watson asks questions and the doctor answers, based on what he sees with the patient. What makes Watson unique for the doctor, is his direct access to relevant data from all over the world. With this Watson can quickly make a correct diagnosis. But Watson can also improve customer experience and customer care in other sectors. Watson can help hotel guests for example with all kinds of questions about their accommodation or a destination. Or let Watson help visitors of a fashion store with choosing the perfect outfit based on smart questions and filters. The only thing companies need to do is recognize what Watson can do for their customer journey.

RCS: closer than we think

Another technological innovation that is even closer to us is RCS. RCS (Rich Communication Service) is the successor of SMS and makes it possible to place different types of content in one mobile message: text, images and buttons. Your message can be enriched and provided with personalized content. Smart, automated flows improve the experience for the customer even in the smallest messages.

RCS is now being rolled out step by step across all countries. has set up a first RCS action with which they wanted to increase the number of app downloads. Bookers receive a confirmation message of the reservation per RCS, after which a number of options for additional information is shown (check-in times, room division, add to calendar etc). The surprising effect was that the flow resulted not so much in an increase in app downloads, but in more satisfied bookers who, moreover, went to book more often.


A lot of data. Now what? 

The (mobile) technological developments, such as Watson and RCS, are triggering many data streams. "Making data transparent for analysis purposes is not the challenge. The challenge is to automate the data and to base it on triggers, so relevant, personalized communication with the customer is achieved," says Jan Saan. This way you can use data intelligently for a smoother customer journey.

If you are going to work with data yourself, you should first identify which data sources you already have and look for a common denominator. Then you can determine when and how you can facilitate the customer journey. Trigger-based campaigns bring a range of new marketing opportunities.

Get started now with marketing suite

Every step of the customer journey has its own innovations for optimization. At the beginning of the afternoon a number of future innovations came along. Jan-Willem van Vugt showed a number of possibilities to start the customer journey. "If you immediately want to start optimizing the customer experience, do not limit your marketing suite to only one online channel, but expand it with an SMS Campaign, voice message and a mobile landing page", explains Jan-Willem van Vugt (Strategic Partner Manager at to the people in the room. Your customer has a need and right at that moment you have to get on the radar. You can use different mobile channels to attract the attention of the consumer and bring your service to the attention.


A voice campaign for example enables you to create a personal and surprising message and send it to your target group in order to get the visitors of an event enthusiastic about the line-up. Or send an SMS campaign enriched with a mobile landing page to provide visitors with ticket upgrade information.

You want your consumers to choose your product over another. The ability to order this product simple and safely is just as important. In the payment phase of the customer journey, you have several options to optimize that convenience and safety. With iDEAL QR you can add a very easy payment option via a QR code to your webshop, but also to invoices. iDIN enables you to digitally identify your customer via his or her bank. 

Enthusiastic and curious how you can enrich the customer journey of your customer and be present at every touchpoint? Take a look at and give our platform a try.

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