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Successful Starting Points for WhatsApp

Great, you are going to start with WhatsApp for Business! Now, you have access to the enormous pool of more than 2 billion users. But, how will you reach and engage your audience on WhatsApp. You will need to create a starting point for your (potential) customers to start reaching out to you on WhatsApp. This Blog will explain multiple clever options you have and which starting points can be used for which scenario.

WhatsApp QR codes

You can create WhatsApp QR codes with an online generator, or if you are a customer we can create your unique WhatsApp QR codes, just like the one your see here. Use your WhatsApp QR code on- and offline. When the QR code is scanned the WhatsApp conversations window of your customers will automatically open. 

whatsapp get started qr code

It’s even possible to use a pre-filled message to start the engagement from the very first start.

Can you imagine which starting points you can create with a QR code? The possibilities are endless. For example, put it on packaging to ask your customers for feedback. 

Or, leave a WhatsApp QR code on a receipt, your website, ticket, flyers or even billboards. Numerous inventive possibilities to get that real quick connection with your customers. 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) deflection

Are you dealing with an overload of calls during peak hours? Activate your IVR and refer your customers to WhatsApp. Like this, you will never miss a conversation and your customer will always be in control.

There will be a less long queue and the human agents will be way more productive because they can manage multiple WhatsApp Conversations at a time.

Online WhatsApp buttons 

Promote WhatsApp on your website as your service channel. Create buttons that refer to WhatsApp and give them a prominent place on your website. That’s how you can show that WhatsApp is your main communication channel. If you need any help creating online WhatsApp buttons, offers a piece of code to easily implement it as a chat button on your website. You can find it here.

Click to WhatsApp ads

You can create click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram. When your customers are triggered by your ad, they can directly click on a button, and get in contact with you through WhatsApp. You will get in contact with your customer much faster and conversation will be of real value. Drive the quality of your service and even generate sales. Did we trigger you? Visit this Facebook help page and learn how to create Click to WhatsApp Ads.


Get that omnichannel service in and promote your WhatsApp account via email. Use links in your e-mail signature or actively promote WhatsApp in your newsletter. 

Wa.Me links open up a WhatsApp conversation directly. This will really speed up average handling time of requests by adding it to your emails.

You can create your own link by using followed by your phone number in international format, but without 00 or +. 

Company App

Implement WhatsApp in your company app, to further enhance you service strategy. Use this environment to get an opt-in for WhatsApp and provide quick and accurate support. Add a call to action to WhatsApp and let your customers choose WhatsApp over calling.

A selection of the numerous ways to let your customers reach out to you on WhatsApp. Let us know your specific situation, and we will guide you to the best and most effective way, to reach and engage your customers through WhatsApp.

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Contact a WhatsApp Business expert right away

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