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Feb 20, 2019 • Talk
The power of combination: PortingXS combines SMS and Voice
How do you ensure a better customer experience with SMS and Voice? When a customer switches from one telecom operator to another, PortingXS facilitates number retention for every type of phone number. We spoke with Tim Leliveld, Area Manager at PortingXS, about their smart application of SMS and Voice for an optimal customer journey.
May 03, 2018 • Talk
Toyota importer informs employees with Voice Campaigns from CM
In order to inform and activate employees of Dutch Toyota dealers, the Dutch Toyota importer 'Louwman & Parqui' in Raamsdonksveer, uses a special combination of communication methods: CM.com's Voice Campaigns and a Dutch celebrity. "And that works very well."
May 01, 2018 • Talk
Manage SIP Trunk accounts with more margin: Voice Management App
With the new Voice Management App from CM, ICT resellers can now easily create and manage SIP Trunk accounts of customers. Moreover, margins with CM's SIP Trunk can be greatly increased, because at CM you only pay for the actually called seconds.
Apr 20, 2018 • Talk
Save costs on your SIP Trunk connection in 1 easy step
Do you want to pay for something you don’t use? We don't think so. The SIP Trunk of CM does exactly what it is meant to do: flawless communication via VOIP, managed and configured from one user-friendly app. This way, you can save money by only using what you actually need. Both in terms of functionality and usage.
Jan 26, 2018 • Talk
How to choose between short code or long number? The 5 main differences
Getting your own short code or long number means making it much easier for you to communicate with your target audience. But should you choose a short code or a long number? This depends on the purpose of your communication as well as your target audience. Find out which to choose in this comparison between short and long codes.
Jan 05, 2018 • Talk
Business telephony and VoIP: how much can you save on calling costs?
Each new year, we are comparing suppliers to reduce our health and energy costs. But why stop there, when there are greater savings to be made? Call centres, call centre software suppliers, CATI research companies and other companies calling via a SIP supplier can easily save 30 to 50% by switching to a transparent supplier.
Aug 21, 2017 • Talk
What is an OTP?
OTP​ is a string of characters or numbers automatically generated to be used for one single login attempt. OTP, One Time Passwords in full, can be sent to the user’s phone via SMS or Push messaging and is used to protect web-based services, private credentials and data. OTP’s will minimize the risk of fraudulent login attempts and thus the risk of stolen data. OTP’s come in all shapes and sizes, but always add an extra layer of authentication. Which type of OTP best suits you?
May 10, 2017 • Talk
Crisis communication: Sending out an SOS for immediate reach
In case of an emergency, there are many communication tools at your disposal to reach your employees, visitors or even whole populations. But what really is the fastest route to reach the masses when time is of the essence? Some tips for successful crisis communication using the possibilities of mobile.
Dec 19, 2016 • Talk
Sneak peek: 7 trends that will define mobile in 2017
In spite of what some may have predicted, mobile use keeps increasing fast. According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users worldwide is to grow to 4.77 billion in 2017. Therefore, mobile messaging has become the primary tool for many marketers to reach consumers. However, as technology keeps evolving in a fast pace, so do the expectations of mobile users. If you want to keep meeting those expectations, you’d better be aware of the trends in mobile.
Dec 06, 2016 • Talk
How to make your messages worth reading: SMS personalisation
As you are well aware, sending messages via SMS is a valuable tool to reach your target audience. With its high delivery and open rates, many companies still rely on SMS for notification, authentication and marketing purposes. However, since your company is not the only one asking for attention from the receiver, your messages better be worth reading. And for this, SMS personalisation is key.
Aug 04, 2016 • Talk
MultiBel and CM simplify alarms and communication in crisis
Experience has shown that the alarming and communication of first responders is often not appropriately set up. During exercises as well as during calamities the communication is insufficient in 80% of the cases. The result of this is that evacuation is started much too slowly and that emergency services arrive at the wrong place or find themselves in front of locked gates.
Jul 08, 2016 • Talk
Takeaway.com improves and saves on customer interaction with CM's SIP Trunking and SMS Gateway
Takeaway.com processes more than one million restaurant orders per month in The Netherlands alone. With representation in 10 countries throughout Europe, approximately 800 calls a day are started with customers per office. Takeaway.com uses CM's SIP Trunking and SMS Gateway to do so.
Jun 06, 2016 • Talk
CM’s SIP Trunking connects market researcher Global Data Collection Company
Call centre GDCC performs high-quality phone fieldwork for consumers and companies and has extensive experience in interviewing respondents in different sectors. GDCC opted for SIP Trunking from CM because of the dynamic collaboration, strong routing and short communication lines between GDCC and CM.
Mar 03, 2015 • Talk
Zuckerberg: ‘New mobile data plans grow sms and voice usage’
People starting to own and use mobile data plans, will utilise sms and voice services more over time, Mark Zuckerberg told delegates from operators and Wired journalist Jessi Hempel. “Free mobile internet drives the use of sms and voice.”
Dec 23, 2014 • Talk
On call forwarding and SMS through SS7
CM is aware of the publications of The Washington Post on vulnerabilities in SS7. These are our finding on this topic.

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