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Aug 17, 2020
3 minutes read

The Experience Starts at Home

The bar that represents the acceptable level of customer experience is continuously being raised. What was good enough for your audience last year, won’t cut it this year. Especially in a competitive industry like leisure. Think of a day out at the museum, theme park or a zoo. Leisure functions on great customers experience, so that’s what needs to be done.

Nowadays, the vast majority of leisure businesses leave a gap between the ticket-buying moment, and the actual day out. A valuable time gap that can be used to deliver a superior customer experience. Something that will be, or already is imperative for leisure success.

How to stand out from the crowd

The motivation for a visit is caused by marketing campaigns, social media posts, or word of mouth through family and friends. Every motivation is fed by an experience, one that the leisure industry tries to sell and the other, the experience people already had.

The starting point of a customer's experience can differ per guest. In this article, we’ll highlight the journey from the moment a guest bought a ticket or booked a day till the actual day takes place. It’s that valuable time gap where you can stand out. Let the experience start at home and warm up your guest for the day they will visit you.

Comprehensive customer experience

After someone bought a ticket online it could take several days or even weeks before the actual day out will take place. This leaves enough possibilities for the theme park to excite their guests up, and to create that seamless journey before they get in line for their favorite ride.

Since you have pretty limited data on your guest, it’s important to gather enough (personal) data to deepen your communication strategy. A Customer Data Platform is of great value for the highly personal experience you would like to create, you can build customer profiles with insights to exceed customer expectations.

When you ‘’know’’ the person who bought a ticket, and you know when they will visit you, you already have interesting insights to speak to.

As an example, we look at the theme park Toverland and The Upside Down Museum Amsterdam to dive into that comprehensive customer experience.

A smile on the guests face

Start with a digital walk through the museum and give a first glimpse of The Royal Room to make your guests feel like a King or Queen. Or, proactively share images of previous guests who already enjoyed the trip to whole new dimensions.

Toverland could start building adrenaline for the hair raising ride in the Avalon roller coaster. There’s a load of great content to engage and excite your future guests.

And don’t forget to share practical info like;

  • a packing list,

  • floor plan and

  • timetables for shows.

Information that even can be pushed out at relevant times – whether it be upfront or even during the day out. Provide QR codes at specific points to provide service when needed or to get feedback from your customers.

You can apply QR codes for;

  • reservations,

  • on-site information,

  • menus,

  • provide feedback and measure satisfaction.

  • time slots and way more.

An easy, but very clever way to create that consistent smile on your guest's face.

Omnichannel ride

During the journey, your guests move across channels. Mobile channels are one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and provide the same optimized journey across the touchpoints. For both pre- & post-experience.

Within the Mobile Service Cloud, you have access to multiple messaging channels with an advanced dashboard at your disposal to manage all conversations.

Offer a superior Mobile Customer Experience within Leisure

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