Time for celebrating: SMS is 24 years old

On December 3rd 1992, programmer Neil Papworth sent the very first mobile message, whishing Vodafone-director Jarvis a Merry Christmas. Now, 24 years later, SMS is still alive and kicking, and how. Here at CM Telecom, our business is built on this 160 digit communication tool. And it all began with this one message: Will you join me at Highstreet?

Birthday celebration of SMS

This was the SMS Gilbert Gooijers sent to Jeroen van Glabbeek. Starting out as Club Message, co-founders Jeroen and Gilbert, introduced Group SMS in 1999. This product was used to inform visitors of discotheques in the Benelux on guest DJs, time-tables, contests, discounts and more weekend news.

As discotheques saw the number of visitors increase through the use of SMS, the interest of other companies in Group SMS rose along. More and more companies started sending SMS via Club Message. In 2002, Club Message introduced MailSMS. This allowed companies to send big amounts of SMS via email. Soon enough, Club Message became too big for its first office and had to move to a bigger venue. Shortly after the new address, Club Message needed a new name that's more suitable to its client base, including large corporations, schools and governments. Thus, a new name was born: CM Telecom.

CM Telecom 

As the number of employees kept growing, so did the number of businesses integrating CM Telecoms platform. Besides this growth in client base, CM Telecom kept expanding by acquiring other companies, such as Global Messaging, S2M and TicketFlow.

Since CM Telecom was founded 17 years ago, billions of messages have been sent and millions more are processed by us every day. Now, we are in the middle of a technological tidal wave. No business model, no investment and no management system is the same. New digital ecosystems have emerged and will keep evolving in the future. Just look at Uber, the world's largest taxi company that doesn't own any taxis. The world's most popular content company Facebook doesn't create its own content. The world's most valuable retailer Alibaba doesn't carry his own stock and the world's largest accommodation provider Airbnb doesn't own any property. Something big is happening.

Everything will continue to become more direct, faster and safer. And those changes, we will cause them. Want to be part of it? Check out our job openings and get in touch. 

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