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Tips for SMS marketing: Smart choices for successful campaigns

Something weird is going on in the world of SMS. People all over the world are receiving messages from -to say the least- peculiar numbers and an even more unusual time zone. Messages dated back from 2003 are now popping up on mobile phones. What does this messenger from the past want to tell you? And what does this mean for your SMS campaigns?

“Unfortunately”, there is no past-you trying to warn you or predict your future. These messages dating back from 2003 have recently been sent to different operators, affecting people worldwide, thus states TheNextWeb. These messages led to complaints from consumers on timely delivery of messages. Unfairly, so it turns out, as the operators had no role in this. These messages were actually altered via the so called Protocol Data Unit (PDU) instead of using the standard ‘text mode’ that is usually used in SMS messaging. By doing so, even the sender number and the time of sending can be modified and distorted to your heart’s content. 

Even though we would never advise our customers to implement such modifications in their SMS marketing techniques -for more reasons than we can mention in this one article- there is a lesson to be learned from this. With any SMS you send, there are several useful choices you can make for a more personal, attractive and relevant campaign. Do you want to prevent a frightened audience that thinks their phone is hacked? But you do want to make sure they can reach you? Read these three tips for a successful SMS marketing campaign that is sure to attract the attention of your audience.

SMS tips to reach your audience and achieve your goals

1.Make yourself known: Sounds obvious? Then surely your campaigns show your company name as the sender so the messages aren't perceived as spam. But do you also mention an actual person’s name? If may be useful to mention the first (and last) name of the sender as well. Just like with email, adding the name of, for example, the CEO or from the recipients account manager may lead to higher conversion rates. 

2.Be brief: Making the best possible use of the 160-characters of an SMS, pushes you to think carefully on how to formulate your message. This means you need to dig into your creative brain and test your writing skills. But it is just as important to understand the consumer’s decision making process when he reads such shorter messages. Read more: How to convince consumers in a maximum of 160 characters? 

3.Be on time: Of course, receiving messages that were relevant over 10 years ago is not desirable. However, the timing of SMS campaigns is even more critical than that of, for example, an email. Using the right triggers for your SMS marketing campaign can lead to unparalleled conversion rates. For example, consider using SMS marketing for abandoned shopping carts or when a consumer usually does his shopping.

At CM, we are more than happy to help you create the most successful SMS marketing campaigns. Use CM’s Marketing Campaigns, our mobile marketing tool with built-in analytics and 24/7 delivery monitoring, or contact us for more information. 


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