Value is generated when the need for trust is eliminated

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Value is generated when the need for trust is eliminated

Creating value by eliminating the need for trust. It’s a controversial thought, but more true than ever. “Trust is under focused and misunderstood.”

Uber vs. Facebook

Lecturer in cyber power and International Security Studies Kimo Quaintance says technology and businesses can be more successful if the need for trust is completely eliminated. At Mobile Convention London he presents his vision on why taxi app Uber for instance is trusted more than Facebook: “I don’t trust Facebook. But I don’t trust Uber either. But Uber has eliminated the need for trust in their technology.”

Meaningful steps

Mr. Quaintance explains meaningful steps in the customer journey and how trust influences the rate of success within apps and technology. Trust must be simplified, Mr. Quaintance knows. “Trust issues prevent technology to be adopted. We must simplify it. Look at Facebook. Why should we hand over all these kind of data and give up privacy just to be able to use Facebook?”

The risk of failure or harm

According to Mr. Quaintance, trust is future-oriented. For trust to occur:

  • A must give up some control over some action B takes
  • A is uncertain about the outcome of B’s interaction
  • The uncertainty involves the risk of failure or harm to A if B doesn’t act as desires

Put up systems of control

The technology industry is too often violating trust, Mr. Quaintance finds. “There are plenty of services that don’t need trust at all. We should design technology for trust by eliminating the need for trust. Make technology we don’t have to trust by putting up systems of control that provide security, hence trust. We can enable a world we’ve never lived in.”


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