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Why invest in payment terminals? The customer already has a payment device in his pocket

What do you always carry around with you? Exactly, your mobile phone. And with this you can now also pay in shops or restaurants. Forget about that costly payment terminal, switch to user-friendly in-store payments via mobile and save more money.

High cost payment terminals 

As you know, payment terminals have to meet strict requirements before you can use them for payment transactions. Moreover, high costs are associated with payment terminals in purchase and - not to be forgotten - maintenance costs. Moreover, investment in new software is required regularly, as is currently the case with the switch to contactless payment before January 1st, 2020.

With the new requirements for payment terminals, your current terminals and handhelds will no longer meet in 2020. That means investing in new terminals, on top of the maintenance fee and costs per transaction. Surely we can do it more cheaply than that, with mobile!

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Lower costs, higher payment convenience: QR payments

Mobile phones offer an additional payment option on top of debit cards for shops or restaurants. To get paid via mobile you don’t need separate hardware. Payments can be made safely and quickly by scanning a QR code with the mobile phone. You immediately see if the payment is successful and it offers the possibility to leave a personal message or thank you on the payer's phone. The applications are endless. QR codes are the most accessible and user-friendly solution for many companies. 

How does payment via QR work?

Paying via a QR code is easy and safe with the use of the mobile phone. QR codes can be implemented in any desired situation. A QR code can be created on the mobile phone of the seller, deliveryman, waiter, etc. Show the QR code on a screen, phone or print it on a voucher or flyer.

The customer scans the QR code with his mobile phone and goes directly to the secure environment of his mobile banking app. The bank account number, amount to be paid and the description are automatically added to the QR code. The customer doesn’t have to do more than confirm the payment in the app. If he wants to give a tip, he can easily increase the amount. 

Save costs with QR payments

Now suppose you have a store with 2 fixed payment terminals and 500 transactions per month. If we look at the total costs (set-up, purchase, subscription and transaction costs), by replacing one terminal you would immediately realize a saving of € 650 in the first year. When replacing multiple terminals simultaneously, the cost you save will only increase further.

Do you want to know what a switch to QR yields for your store or catering facility? Contact one of our specialists for a tailor-made calculation.

  • Direct payment without debit card and payment terminal
  • Secure payment via the trusted mobile banking app
  • Payment with the device that the customer always carries with him
  • Save immediate costs in the replacement of expensive payment terminals

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