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Why is having an event ticket presale a good marketing strategy? [3 benefits]

Event planners increasingly, especially festivals, sell tickets at their online presale ticket shop before the regular sales start. A ticket presale is a good marketing strategy, for several reasons. In this article I explain the three biggest benefits of having a presale as an event organizer.

Presales are the first ticket sales rounds for fans. The ticket shop is open for a select group of people for a certain period. It stimulates people to buy their ticket early. A presale is often only accessible via a special URL or by entering a unique code on a web page. This presale code is received by fans by leaving contact information via another channel, for example via Facebook. Having a presale offers event organizers the opportunity to create multiple contact moments at an early stage of the preparations for the event.


# 1 More (financial) security

These days customers have to choose between countless festivals, fairs, network events and neighborhood parties. This results into that ticket buyers decide later on which events they are going to. There are plenty of options. Because of that lots of event planners have to deal with unnecessary tensions during their ticket sales. By dividing the ticket sales into two separate sales moments, with one that takes place a long time before the event, more certainties are built in regarding selling your tickets. This way, organizers get more insight into the interest for the event. More importantly, tickets that are sold in presale offer financial security.


# 2 Gathering of visitors data

Many event organizers want data about their visitors to better understand them. How often is a stadium, music hall or other venue filled with people of which we only know their first names? And even that piece of information of missing in many cases. It is their preferences, buying behavior and favorite communication channels which helps event planners with the event preparations and better targeting. Having more information about your visitors in advance, you can use this data for making decisions in targeting, communications, line-ups, food and beverages etc.


# 3 Sharpening marketing activities

As I mentioned earlier event planners can gather insights about ticket buyers at an earlier stage thanks to presales. This offers opportunities for regular sales. Automated analysis can show which marketing channels ensure the highest sales opportunities. As a result you are enabled to sharpen your marketing activities and better manage your advertisement budget.


About CM Tickets

CM Tickets is designed for event organizers to start, manage and stimulate ticket sales and registrations. By combining ticketing, mobile communication, data and mobile payments, event teams have a beautiful system to get the most out of their events. Read more about our solutions for event planners.

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Create a presale for your next event with CM Tickets

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