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Our APIs help you to connect your website or application to all our mobile solutions. You can integrate SMS and Messaging Channels, Email, Voice, Payments and our Platform Features. Besides our APIs we offer SDKs to help you off to a quick start.


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How to Get Started With Our Messaging APIs?

First, you will need to create a free account on our website. This account will give you access to your CM.com API key. All requests require a product token, which you can find in the Messaging Gateway App.

If you want to request access to Viber, Telegram and other messaging channels we have to request an API key for you. Please contact us via the form below so we can request your key for you.

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Integrate Our Business Messaging API With Prebuilt SDKs

We have combined all of our messaging APIs (SMS, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, RCS, Viber and Push) into one Business Messaging API. To get you started with your API integration, we have several SDKs available:

Extra Messaging Features

Business Messaging

Transactions API

This API provides insight into every message sent through your account

Messages API

Account Balance

How much money you have spent and how much credit is available in your account.

Chat button

Chat Button

Allow customers to chat with you via using the multi-channel chat pop-up

MO Webhooks

MO Webhooks

Receive your incoming reply messages in your own systems.



The Conversion web API enables third parties to deliver conversion details

Address Book

Address Book

Enables you to store your groups of recipients. Manage contacts through this API

Connect to Our Payment Gateway Through Our API

Use our Payments API to integrate online payments into your webshop or app. Our Payment/Order API communicates solely over HTTPS. Our API allows to communicate structured and reliable information between systems and is independent of any particular programming model.

Our current API allows customers to make use of all payment methods and functionalities.

Get Started With Payments
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Extra Payment Features and SDK's

AutoCollect API

AutoCollect API

For customers who wants to be in charge of their scheduled payments.

Order API

Order API

CM Payments Order API SDK for PHP



iDEAL implementation for PHP 5.4+


Payments SDK .NET

To make integration with the payments API easier: SDK for .NET


Payments SDK PHP

To make integration with the payments API easier: SDK for PHP

Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Do you have any questions or doubts how to integrate the API? We’re happy to help you further! Check out our Help CenterVideo Tutorials and SDKs, or contact our Support team for further assistance.

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