& Egress Protect uses Egress Protect to securely share confidential information by email and send and receive encrypted large files. 

Egress Protect

Dear customer, we have chosen to use Egress when sending confidential information via email and file transfer to comply with data protection regulations and to ensure that when this information needs to be shared with third parties, it is done so securely. 

egress protect

How to open a secure email or large attachment

To open & reply to a secure email or open a large attachment from us you need a free Egress account. You do not need to download or install any software to read emails sent using Egress.

⦁ To open an email secured by Egress, click on the ‘Open secure files’ or ‘Open secure email’ button within the notification email you received. 

⦁ You will be directed to the Egress sign in page, where you can login or select ‘New User’ and go through the short process to create a free Egress ID. 

⦁ After creating an Egress ID and signing in, you will be able to read the secure email or open the large attachment online. 

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[Video] How to open a secure email?

Need some more assistance, no problem:

We’ve added this instruction video. The video will show you the steps how to create an account with Egress and guide you through all the necessary steps you need to take how to open an Egress secure email or large attachment you received from

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