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Level Up Your Live Chat: Four Tips for Keeping Customers Happy and Increasing Conversion

Customers love live chat, with 46% preferring it over all other forms of digital communication. Instead of having to sit through cheesy tunes as they wait to speak to a customer service rep over the phone, live chat gives customers the convenience of short wait times – while still being able to talk through their issues with a real advisor. 

Brechtje van Houtum
Brechtje van Houtum,
Content Marketer

Beyond being a go-to channel for your customers, live chat can also impact your bottom line. Adding live chat to your website can spike your conversions by 12% and boost your revenue by 48% per chat hour.  

If you’re already using live chat to help keep customers content, then you’re already ahead of many of your competitors. But with so many companies now embracing live chat features on their sites, you need to make sure your solution goes beyond most of the solutions in your sector.   

From setting predefined responses for instantaneous response times to putting processes in place to make sure questions go to the right team members, there are several ways you can impress visitors with your live-chat experience. Read on for four of our top live chat tips to optimize your offering.

1. Meet Your Customer’s Need for an Instant Response in Live Chat Conversations

Customers hate to wait. 5-10 minutes is the longest most people will wait for a response. Predefined live-chat responses, which you can set up ahead of time, can instantly provide customers with answers to some of your most FAQs. 

These responses can be pre-written and delivered with a single click by your customer service team. Predefined live-chat responses not only cut down on wait times for your customers but also reduce the workload for busy customer service reps. 

2. Help Guide Your Target Audience Along the Customer Journey With Live Chat Support

In 2021, most businesses see the customer journey as more of a zigzag, rather than the smooth, linear process mapped out in online blogs in the early 2000s. Prospects frequently dip in and out of their interactions with your brand. 

From finding you on Instagram, the average could-be-customer may then: skim a blog post, ask for recommendations from their colleagues, watch YouTube video teardowns of similar products, and then read your testimonial or FAQ pages.

However, with a proactive live chat solution that utilizes data to track your prospects' omnichannel customer journey, you can use digital conversations to help draw your prospects towards the close.

For example, you can monitor customers to discover which pages they’ve previously viewed on your site or how many times they have visited. This can give you insights into how far along your customers are in the customer journey and the kind of advice or support they may need in the form of a conversation over live chat.

In addition, you can also monitor exit intent and trigger a chat conversation when a visitor is just about to leave your website — offering support or a unique discount code to help increase your conversion rates. 

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3. Let Customers Chat With the Right Agents With Skills-Based Routing

Take the pressure off your customer service agents and make sure your customers get the expert help they need as quickly as possible with skills-based routing. You can use skills-based routing to make sure that agents are matched to customer conversations based on their skills, expertise, and availability. With advanced skills-based routing, you can also match customers to agents based on language, brand, store, or channel.

With skills-based routing, customers are automatically connected to the agent that can best help them. Offer the best experience possible.

4. Solve Problems Faster by Using Customer Data

There’s nothing more annoying than being transferred from customer service rep to customer service rep as you wait for your issue to be dealt with. Being ‘passed from rep to rep’ is one of the most irritating things customers say they can experience while dealing with customer services, 54% of people would take a day spent in wet socks over having to repeat themselves.

Make sure your customers don’t have to repeat themselves and take the stress and pressure off your support team by making sure your reps have the customer data they need as soon as they start the chat. When you use a customer service solution, such as Mobile Service Cloud, all relevant data is displayed next to the customer conversation for your reps to review.

This data includes all previous conversations from any channel, the customer’s purchase history, and information on any previously visited pages. In essence, Mobile Service Cloud offers your reps a full customer profile that they can use to guide conversations and boost customer satisfaction rates. 

Upgrade Your Live Chat Support

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular with customers and prospects looking for answers and solutions. From fast response times to not having to talk to someone over the phone, live chat is a convenient solution for many people. 

But with more and more companies discovering the value of live chat, both in terms of customer satisfaction and conversion rates, you can help stay a cut above by implementing these four tips for an enjoyable, seamless customer service experience. 

Ready to level up your live chat offering?

Put These Pointers Into Play and Discover More About Live Chat via Mobile Service Cloud.

Brechtje van Houtum
Brechtje van Houtum,
Content Marketer
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As a copywriter, Brechtje shares a lot of content for our Customer Service, Customer Support, Marketing & Sales community. Believes in 'customer first'.
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