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Our smaller but highly important general departments are always welcoming ambitious colleagues with a drive for quality. Whether its Legal, Reception, Human Resources, Food & Beverages or Management Support. All professionals working in these teams, are most likely one of the first points of contacts with CM for new employees and business contacts.

Therefore, we embrace a friendly and professional working environment. Also, we want to give you the freedom to shape your own job based on your skills and knowledge. Do you have what it takes? Find out more about the team you should be part of.

About Development


At CM, you will be building high quality mobile technology that makes life easier, safer and more beautiful. Your skills will connect companies to people worldwide.

Choose your own gear

Choose the latest and best in technology (programming language and framework), infra (optimized Linux and in-house Windows servers) and work station (adjustable sit-stand desk, MAC/Linux/Windows PC).


There is plenty of room for personal growth and raising your own bar. What great initiatives for innovative products and new approaches will you bring?

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