Change Log

Version Description
PS 20.08.0
  • Added endpoint for Refund
PS 20.06.0
  • Added endpoint for MasterCard Start Payment
  • Added endpoint for Visa Start Payment
  • Added endpoint for Amex Start Payment
  • Added endpoint for Bancontact Start Payment
  • Added endpoint for V Pay Start Payment
  • Added endpoint for Maestro Start Payment
PS 20.05.0
  • Added endpoint for IDeal Start Payment
  • Added endpoint PayPal Start Payment
PS 20.04.0
  • Added optional return urls to create order.
  • Updated Postman configuration files.
  • Removed FAQ on return urls.
PS 20.04.0
  • Made profile in create order optional.
PS 20.04.0
  • Add return Url to Create Request
ApplePay 20.02.0
  • Added endpoints for Apple Business Chat
  • Corrected success status for Apple Pay authorization.
ApplePay 20.01.0
  • Updated Apple Pay endpoints from /applepay to /mobile/applepay
PS 19.12.0
  • Added List payment methods of an Order.
  • Added timeout to Apple Pay javascript.
  • Added expiry to the create Order request
  • Added expires_on to the create Order response
PS 19.10.1
  • Added Apple Pay.
PS 19.09.0
  • Update beta version to version 1 (v1).
    No other changes to the API.
PS 19.05.0
  • Added capture
PS 18.10.0
  • Updated error handling
  • Implemented Order Status
PS 18.09.0
  • Implemented Create Orders
  • Implemented Order List Orders