1. Intro
  2. From domains
    1. Get all from domains
    2. Get specific from domain
    3. Create from domain
    4. Verify from domain
    5. Delete from domain
    6. From domain object definition
  3. From addresses
    1. Get all from addresses
    2. Get specific from address
    3. Create from address
    4. Update from address
    5. Delete from address
    6. From address object definitions
  4. Address lists
  5. Templates
    1. Get all templates
    2. Get specific template
    3. Create template
    4. Update template
    5. Delete template
    6. Template object definitions
  6. Campaigns
    1. Get all campaigns
    2. Get specific campaign
    3. Create campaign
    4. Update campaign
    5. Delete campaign
    6. Clone campaign
    7. Get statistics
    8. Get clicks
    9. Get statistics details
    10. How to use triggered campaigns
    11. Campaign object definitions
  7. Mailings
    1. Get all mailings
    2. Get specific mailing
    3. Create mailing
    4. Update mailing
    5. Delete mailing
    6. Get statistics
    7. How to use merge fields
    8. Mailing object definitions
  8. Mails
    1. Create mail
    2. Create triggered mail
    3. Mail object definitions
  9. Unsubscriptions
    1. Get all unsubscriptions
    2. Create unsubscription
    3. Delete unsubscription
    4. Unsubscription object definition
  10. Campaign tags
    1. Get all campaign tags
    2. Get specific campaign tag
    3. Create campaign tag
    4. Update campaign tag
    5. Delete campaign tag
    6. Add campaign tag to campaign
    7. Delete campaign tag from campaign
    8. Campaign tag object
  11. Webhooks
    1. Get webhook
    2. Create or update webhook
    3. Delete webhook
    4. Webhook object definition
    5. How to implement the webhook

Create a mail

Create a mail without creating a campaign. Before starting to send mails, make sure you have created a from address. See the from addresses section to create and obtain from addresses.

POST https://api.cm.com/bulkemail/v1.0/accounts/{accountID}/mails

System links

The following system links can be included for a mail without a campaign. Simply put the placeholder somewhere in the body of the mail and we will automatically replace them.

Placeholder Description
[[ SpecialLink.Unsubscribe ]] Unsubscribe link, this will allow users to unsubscribe for your mails.
They won't get mails when you try to send to them again.

POST Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
AccountID Path The account guid True Guid A8C062E4-ECFD-48D0-89B1-A37D2622B7A9
Body Body The mail to create True Json object { "FromAddressID": "05923f4c-eb2e-4e4b-a07a-096fcbb2697a", "FromName": "John Doe", "ReplyToAddressID": null, "ReplyToAddress" : null, "ReplyToName" : null, "ToAddress": "[email protected]", "ToName": "John Doe", "Ccs": [{ "EmailAddress": "[email protected]" }], "Bccs": null, "Subject": "Demo", "HtmlBody": "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional //EN\" \"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd\"><html><body><p> Hello John!</p><a href=\"[[ SpecialLink.Unsubscribe ]]\">Unsubscribe</a></body></html>", "TextBody": "Hello John", "Attachments" : [{ "Content": "VGhpcyBpcyBhIGF3ZXNvbWUgdGV4dCBmaWxl", "FileName": "info.txt" }], "CustomerReference": "123456789" }
X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN Header Your product token True Guid C24A5029-37DD-4161-9728-F80D8639588E


Http status Description Example
200 Mail created { "ID": "16bc0f8e-77af-4cfa-a2d0-686726d1f697", "AccountID": "a8c062e4-ecfd-48d0-89b1-a37d2622b7a9", "FromAddressID": "05923f4c-eb2e-4e4b-a07a-096fcbb2697a", "FromName": "John Doe", "ReplyToAddressID" : null, "ReplyToAddress" : null, "ReplyToName" : null, "ToAddress": "[email protected]", "ToName": "John Doe", "Ccs": [{ "EmailAddress": "[email protected]" }], "Bccs": null, "Subject": "Demo", "HtmlBody": "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional //EN\" \"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd\"><html><body><p> Hello John!</p><a href=\"[[ SpecialLink.Unsubscribe ]]\">Unsubscribe</a></body></html>", "TextBody": "Hello John", "Attachments": null, "CreatedOn": "2017-08-22T16:30:09.899", "CreatedOnUtc": "2017-08-22T15:30:09.899Z", "ModifiedOn": "2017-08-22T16:30:09.899", "ModifiedOnUtc": "2017-08-22T15:30:09.899Z" }
400 Bad request

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