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With's Mobile Marketing Cloud, the Red Cross was able to make its fundraisers more successful.

Raising Money For People In Need

The Red Cross’s mission is to help those in need in the Netherlands and abroad but, like every charity, it needs donations to survive. One of the ways the Red Cross raised money was by collecting donations during collection week – a week dedicated to fundraising in the Netherlands.

Distribution of food by red cross worker

The Collection Week

Maaike den Besten is Head of Collections at the Netherlands Red Cross, "The fundraising was organised by individual Red Cross districts and the National Office supported them with distribution, so the proceeds benefitted local communities. If you donated to the collection, the money was spent in your neighbourhood."

Since 2021, in addition to donating cash in the collection box, donors could also donate via iDEAL QR. The initial offering worked well enough, but the customer journey wasn’t particularly sophisticated.

Digicollect by Kentaa with Mobile Marketing Cloud by

For the past two years from 2021 to 2022, the Red Cross organised both digital and door-to-door fundraising for the first time. However, they have chosen to discontinue the fundraising next year due to too few collectors and thus disappointing revenues.

Unique to the new door-to-door fundraising effort was the ability for people to donate via iDEAL QR – by scanning a QR code with their phone. Thanks to the partnership between and Collecteweb, the Red Cross was able to see exactly how much each fundraiser had raised via iDEAL QR. Those who donated via iDEAL QR were then offered the chance to receive a free first aid mini guide in exchange for leaving their email address.

Keen to create a more sophisticated customer journey, the Red Cross began looking for partners. "We wanted a fundraising system where the fundraisers’ collection platform was ready to go, so that all they had to do was fill in a photo and add some motivational text. We also wanted new fundraisers to be able to create their own collection account and be able to set up a customer journey, so that we could quickly respond to developments and adjust the fundraising where necessary."

Kentaa and joined forces and were able to offer a solution: Kentaa's Digicollect fundraising system backed by's Mobile Marketing Cloud to document the customer journey.

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Personal customer journeys

All Digicollect data from Kentaa, such as fundraiser profiles and donations, were automatically stored in’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), part of Mobile Marketing Cloud. “With Mobile Marketing Cloud, we can build personal customer journeys for fundraisers to motivate them even more,” says Maike, “Being able to do this with Mobile Marketing Cloud means more high-quality contact moments with our fundraisers.”

Being in Control and Working Together

"The functional side of choosing lay in the clever integration with the Kentaa platform,” Maike continues, “We know from our own experience that is an excellent partner. The team at always try to understand your business. It's not like: ‘here’s your password and good luck!’ The training we received ensured we could set everything up ourselves and I could always call if I had a question. That flexibility on the part of was incredibly nice."

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Highly Motivated Fundraisers Through Positive Attention

The ability to enjoy personalised contact with fundraisers was a key part of the partnership. "We’ve received very positive feedback about the text messages and emails that we sent our volunteers during the Digital Collection Week. People found it increased their motivation, especially the trigger-based messages that can be sent when, for example, 100 euros is collected in the collection platform. Halfway through Collection week, we also sent out a video of the most successful fundraiser. That was well-received."

Setting up Your Own Customer Journey With

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