We Own The Night TV

Thanks to Mobile Cloud, the streaming platform We Own The Night TV knows who their viewers are and can interact with them. 

Campagne opzetten met de juiste software

Connecting Artists With Their Fans During Lockdown

Every Saturday from 8pm to 1am We Own the Night TV has brought nightlife into the living room, live on Ziggo TV and on their On Demand platform (paused until autumn 2021.) Viewers can buy a set (pay-per-view) or they can stream music for 24 hours for a fixed amount. Even though the nightclubs and entertainment centers are closed, artists are trying to throw a party this way. ''We Own The Night TV has the ability to connect artists and fans with each other by offering live and on-demand parties at home”, says Laura White, Head of Marketing at We Own The Night TV. 

We Own The Data

“We Own the Night TV is one of the fastest growing streaming platforms in The Netherlands with 300,000 to 400,000 viewers per show. The artists and their sets are now reaching an international audience”, Laura says. “Initially we had no idea of who our viewers were and where they came from. We just received viewer numbers from Ziggo and received the purchase data from our On Demand platform. This purchase information was fragmented, so we were never able to create proper targeted marketing campaigns and determine marketing strategies. That is why we wanted to find a solution that could give us insight into who our viewers are and where they’re from. That’s how we found CM.com. We have been using CM.com’s Mobile Marketing Cloud for a while, which resulted in extensive user and contact details of our viewers. This enables us to approach them at any time to connect them to our platform.” 

Whatsapp as a Marketing Channel

“We have had good results using CM.com’s Mobile Marketing Cloud. A QR-code is shown during the live shows. This QR code leads viewers to an online form where they fill in their details, give us permission to use these details and are able to indicate that they would like to receive our newsletter. Once the form has been filled out, viewers can send WhatsApp messages to our live stream that will be shown on screen. In the first month, this led to 24 thousand extra WhatsApp messages and 15 thousand new registrations.”

Target Marketing Thanks to CM.com

Thanks to our collaboration with CM.com, We Own The Night TV has collected a lot of user data. “We know exactly who our viewers are, when and how long they are watching and where they’re from. That is valuable information. We approach the people who register via WhatsApp within 24 hours for marketing purposes such as the purchase of merchandise, but we can also send them text messages to announce new shows. That generates revenue and that is very important for the music industry, especially now. Thanks to our marketing campaigns, we can also approach viewers who have given their permission to receive our newsletters by email.

In addition, we further identified our target audience through a survey via CM.com. Both demographically and geographically, we have a good understanding of our viewers and we can find the segmented customer data in our Customer Data Platform. Mobile Marketing Cloud provides us with a complete tool kit to set up campaigns and automate workflows”, Laura states.

Customer Data Platform
Easy to use, strong results

Easy to Use, Strong Results

According to Laura, it has been childishly simple to set up and use the Mobile Marketing Cloud. “I am not a technical person, so I like to work with uncomplicated tools. Thanks to the kick-start and the personal contact with the customer success manager, setting up the campaigns went very smoothly”.

The data that we now have access to supports us in executing marketing strategies and creating forecasts. The Mobile Marketing Cloud has become an indispensable tool for us when it comes to the setting-up and executing targeted marketing campaigns”. 

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