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A question of sport: customer service challenges for the gaming industry

Major sporting events are the lifeblood of gaming organisations but can also cause customer service teams major headaches. Here are some of the issues facing your agents, and how we can help…

Are you being served?

One of the biggest challenges for any gaming organisation in the run up to a major sporting event is the sheer volume of questions your customer service team will need to field before, during, and after. Many of these questions may be logistics- and timing-based in the run up to, and on the day of, your event. Questions might include ‘when is the latest I can place a bet’, or ‘what time is kick-off today?’ 

Beyond simple information requests, your team will also experience another layer of more complex requests, perhaps wanting to update account details or access specific account information. This can be time-consuming for your team.

Ensuring that your staff are able to deal with the volume of queries you’ll be receiving effectively is essential to ensure you can also provide quality customer care to those who have more detailed or complex questions to ask you.

Share the knowledge

Allied to the raft of queries you can expect to receive is another issue: how do you make sure your customer service team has all the information to answer customer enquiries quickly and correctly? If, for example, there are multiple major events on the sporting calendar occurring on the same day, you’ll need to ensure they can quickly and efficiently pull relevant information from a central database. 

In addition, in some circumstances, your team may need to communicate directly with third party businesses in order to resolve customer issues. Keeping the lines of communication open with partner businesses and other departments in your own business is crucial to ensuring business continuity for your customers.

Let’s talk it out

Some customers will be keen to find out information quickly and will turn to established routes for that information.The phone is often perceived as a quick way to find an answer to an urgent question and you’ll often find your lines are inundated with customers looking for fairly basic information. That presents you with a problem.

How can you make sure your customers are getting the service they need with limited resources and higher than normal call volumes? With a finite number of agents and many more customers looking for information, automation is the key to avoiding frustrating queues for callers. 

Are you for real?

A particular challenge for the gaming industry is ensuring that its customers are legally able to play, and that they’re who they say they are. That’s increasingly difficult when it comes to online gaming. Ensuring you’re operating in a lawful way means verifying your customers are of age and running the appropriate ID checks. Asking your customer service team to do that each and every call is inefficient, so doing that at scale requires an automated solution to make sure you’re not breaking the law. 

2022 sports calendar

Get to know your customers

Account-based queries often require intimate knowledge of your customers' interactions, but holding detailed data on how customers have contacted you in the past – and even readouts from previous calls and messaging contacts – can be tricky to store effectively in traditional CRM and DMP systems. Quick access to your data is a must to allow your agents to deal with customer contacts efficiently and free them up to deal with an increased volume of enquiries. The key thing here is to have all that information in one place which requires a next-gen solution with capabilities far in excess of traditional CRM and DMP systems. 

Conversation to commerce

Instant access to your team for customers is key to increasing revenue. As the saying goes, ‘he who hesitates is lost’ and it’s especially true of time-limited bets on sporting events. Delivering swift responses to customer queries will increase your chances of conversion but you must balance that with a desire to be across multiple channels. In that instance, you need an effective solution for customer comms that allows you to communicate effectively with multiple customers at the same time and that can access all of your customers’ favourite platforms. 

The power of text

Knowing which channels your customers prefer is crucial to communicating with them effectively. Active mobile subscribers in the UK currently number 94.7 million and SMS is still the only messaging service delivered as standard with a mobile phone. That makes SMS a hugely valuable way of contacting customers but doing it effectively without sapping your customer service team’s valuable time requires a solution that eases that burden and automates key parts of the process.  

So what can I do next?

If you’re struggling with any, or all, of the issues above, download our 2022 Sports Calendar. It’s packed with ideas that will help your team navigate busy periods and reduce their stress, helping them to focus on quality customer service and helping you drive profitability. 

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