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The time of only physical customer service belongs to a faraway past. Since phone calls, emails, web forms and even messaging channels were introduced, it's become easier for customers to connect with businesses. Your customers expect you to be available via their preferred communication channels, regardless of the channel, the time and/or their location. The question is: can your customers already reach you on all these channels?

Quality service, regardless of channel

A study by Lawless Research (2017) found that nearly 7 in 10 businesses think they are communicating effectively with their customers, while just 2 in 10 customers agreed. That is a serious perception gap that needs attention. 

Are you looking for ways to optimise service quality, increase brand engagement and improve the customer experience? The answer can be found in using popular messaging channels. These days, it’s all about your presence on multiple communication channels as consumers are using an increasing number of messaging channels.   

To help you understand which messaging channels best fit your organisation, we've broken down the three biggest channels worldwide for you: 

1.     Twitter

According to Statista (July 2020), Twitter has 326 million active users worldwide. Most of them are from the US (62.55 million), Japan (49.1 million) and India (17 million)aged 25 to 34 (30.9%) and m (65%).  

Twitter is all about what is happening in the world right now. Your customers will be talking about you, so why not talk with them directly? With their in-app messenger functionality, you can redirect all conversations to a private conversation.  

In addition, Twitter is a common messaging channel to complain about businesses. Being present on Twitter means being able to react to these complaints and convert negative messages to valuable interactions. 

2.     WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide, which makes it the most popular messaging channel (Statista, July 2020). Besides that, a study by Sentient Decision Science (2018) found that 68% of the WhatsApp users in the US, UK, Brazil, and India agreed that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with a business. This makes WhatsApp Business indispensable to the customer journey. 

3.     RCS

Rich Communication Service (RCS), also called SMS 2.0, is going to change the way we use SMS and takes communication with customers to a whole new level.  

RCS is like modern-day messaging channels, with one significant difference: RCS uses telco operators instead of the internet. It allows brands to enhance how they engage with customers on many different levels.  

Mobilesquared (2019) forecasted that RCS will pass the 1 billion users mark in 2020 and that this number will grow to 2.8 billion by the end of 2023. Even more interesting is the finding that 74% of consumers said that RCS would make them more likely to communicate with a brand (GSMA, February 2018).  

Discover more about our all-in-one customer service software

Mobile Service Cloud Speak to an expert

Discover more about our all-in-one customer service software

Mobile Service Cloud Speak to an expert
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