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7 tips for eCommerce customer service success [including checklist]

The eCommerce industry thrives on instant gratification and convenience. Customers expect a matching experience: see a product, check-out within seconds, at your doorstep the next day. Your service should also be fast, easy, and satisfying. If you cannot live up to the ever-rising customer expectations, they will look elsewhere. With our 7 tips, you can see where you stand and what you can improve. Use the checklist to define your service strategy.

The eCommerce Customer Service checklist:  

  1. Be Available on Customer Terms 
  2. Build an Efficient & Productive Team 
  3. Create a Customer First Website 
  4. Offer Multichannel Customer Service 
  5. Get to Know Your Customers 
  6. Have a Transparent Delivery & Returns Policy 
  7. Keep Innovating 

1. Be Available on Customer Terms 

Every customer is different. Yet, most customers expect to get answers to their questions. Anywhere, anytime. Make sure you help them find what they're looking for, in the way they prefer. Help customers reach you. Share the contact options via your website, Google My Business, and in-store. Try to respond as fast as possible, depending on your customer expectations. Be accessible for anyone.   

2. Build an Efficient & Productive Team 

An efficient and productive customer service team will help to cost-effectively offer great service. Train your team and help them do their job in a fun and effective way. Get organised with the right customer service software, to make the service easier for your team and for your customers. Scale-up when needed.   

3. Create a Customer First Website 

If your site is too slow, visitors will leave and buy elsewhere. If the check-out process isn't clear, they won't buy. Build your website around your customer. Make sure it’s user-friendly and mobile-first, but more importantly: help your customers find what they’re looking for. Think about contact pages, FAQs, and feedback possibilities.    

4. Offer Multichannel Customer Service 

The average customer journey doesn’t take place via just one channel. Customers want to contact you in the way they feel like. For some questions, e-mail is the right channel. While for other questions, calling might be easier. When there is contact via different channels, you don’t want to explain the same question over and over again. Offer Multichannel Customer Service in a connected way.   

5. Get to Know Your Customers 

Ask feedback, measure what your customers are doing, and create Customer Profiles. This way, you can offer personalised service. Get to know your customers to adapt your service to their needs and preferences. Build your service around the customer. Make them feel important and valued.   

6. Have a Transparent Delivery & Returns Policy 

Clear communication can avoid frustrations. Specify your policy so your customers know what they can expect. Be clear in the check-out process and update your customers during the delivery process.   

7. Keep Innovating 

Keep up with the trends that might be interesting for your audience. Make use of technology to make your work easier, or even more importantly, to make service easier for your customers. To deliver good customer service, now and in the future, you need to keep innovating. Use the right eCommerce customer service software and integrate it with your current infrastructure. Offer proactive service and get ready for Conversational Commerce.   

If you build your service around your customer, success is guaranteed. Want to know more? The eCommerce Customer Service Checklist can help you define your service strategy to stand out from your competition.

Discover more with the eCommerce Customer Service Checklist

Download paper Speak to an expert

Discover more with the eCommerce Customer Service Checklist

Download paper Speak to an expert
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As a content marketer, Brechtje is responsible for all content about our SaaS products. Loves to be up-to-date about new technologies and believes in 'customer first'.

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