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Platform Updates: April 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.


First of all, the release of our new dashboard! Our developers have been working hard the past few weeks to improve our dashboard both visually and functionally.


What has changed:

  1. Your profile is now also displayed in the dashboard including photo, user role, and company name.
  2. If you have not yet purchased a Mobile Marketing Cloud or Sign package, it is now possible to start a free 14-day trial with just one click. If you are already a customer of Mobile Marketing Cloud or Sign, we will indicate this in your profile.
  3. You can now easily request or find your API tokens for the messaging gateway, voice, and payments with just one click.
  4. All your available messaging channels can now easily be found or requested in the dashboard.
  5. In the dashboard, you will now also find task lists. As soon as you try out or purchase a new product a task list will appear on your dashboard. This task list will help you with the first important settings and will get you started on the platform. 

Communication Channels


Anonymous calls:

  • You can now configure how anonymous inbound calls on your numbers should be processed.

Export options:

  •  Export phone numbers for all your voice accounts at once? It is now possible.

Mobile Marketing Cloud


RCS available in Campaigns:

  • From now on it is possible to easily create RCS campaigns, without coding, in Campaigns. Does a recipient not have RCS? No problem, we will send a fallback SMS.


Triggered Whatsapp Campaigns without coding:

  • You can now also select your approved WhatsApp templates when creating triggered campaigns in Campaigns. Automated sending of WA templates can now be done without coding.

Create templates from already sent campaigns:

  • Did you forget to create a template of your sent campaign? No problem, you can now create templates after the campaign has been sent.



EAN13 barcodes as insertable element:

  • From now on you can insert EAN13 barcodes as an element in a Page. This works with both numeric characters as with Merge Fields


Customer Data Platform

Combine multiple segments into 1 segment:

  • You can now combine or exclude multiple segments to 1 segment. For example, you can now create a new segment and add or exclude all profiles that are in segment B.


Filter on profiletypeproperty, eventtypes, sessions and segments:

  • Within the Profile Insights screen of the CDP, you can search on the values mentioned above: profiletypeproperty, eventtypes, sessions and segments. For example, you can search for everyone who attended a certain session or all people belonging to segment X.

Mobile Service Cloud

New feature Mobile Service Cloud Advanced & Pro: Instant WhatsApp:

  • This new feature allows you to treat WhatsApp (with or without a bot) just like Live Chat. Everything from Chat is now available for WhatsApp: the workload monitor, the workload inbox, the settings for the maximum number of conversations at an individual level, etc. So now you can let your WhatsApp messages arrive in two ways.


Speech Synthesis Markup Language

  • SSML support for the voice proposition is now available. This makes it possible to optimise and humanise spoken text. You can use breathing, intonation, etc.

Re-use content within conversations

  • Content can now also be reused within conversations. This saves a lot of work setting up and managing conversations. Once you have created an answer within a conversation, it can easily be reused in other parts of the conversation.

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