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Platform Updates: December 2020

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.


New Message Log

In our Message Log, the dashboard for all your message channels, we have made some major changes. The first thing you will notice is the updated design. The new design also comes with a faster performance of the dashboard. When you log in to the new Message Log for the first time you will be guided through the changes with a tutorial. 

Important new features: 

  • Create your own personal view with only the data you want to see in your dashboard
  • Add relevant filters easily, for example, the timeframe you want to see
  • Find all your outgoing and incoming messages in one view
  • Easily scale the table to fit your screen 

Push update to Mobile Push

We are happy to announce that we updated our Push Channel to Mobile Push. You can now deliver push notifications faster and at a higher delivery rate. 

Mobile Marketing Cloud 

Customer Data Platform

  • Email events bundling: From now on, all email events related to a certain campaign are bundled in a customer profile. This gives a much clearer profile, and also better results of a certain campaign is. 
  • Workflow insights in profiles: You can now see per profile where and in which workflows it’s active. This makes it clear to the marketer, for example, whether a profile has finished the full flow or not.


  • Payments component: It’s now possible to add a merge field to your Page to customise the amount people need to pay. 
  • Sportify and Soundcloud social buttons: From now on it’s possible to add Spotify and Soundcloud buttons to landing pages.


iDEAL QR Application

We’ve now made an new application for iDEAL QR available on our Platform. With adding this application, QR payments are even easier to use than before. 

The iDEAL QR application can be used for generating multiple iDEAL QR-codes, but also for a single QR-code. With help of batch processing it is possible to generate thousands of QR-codes within a short amount of time. 

iDEAL QR payments can be used in any situation. For example, for invoicing and/or direct mailing campaigns. By printing an iDEAL QR-code on your invoice, your customers can pay easily and fast without making mistakes in important payment details (like the payment reference). But also to make donations, as various charities already use iDEAL QR for receiving donations. For example, by printing an iDEAL QR code in advertisements, using stickers on collecting boxes or adding it on direct mailings.


In the beginning of December we launched the redesigned Sign (see image below). This redesign is a great improvement which makes it an outstanding Sign solution based on the latest UX insights. 

Some of the improvements are:

  • Clear new icons for different fields and buttons
  • Guidelines to align fields easily
  • A nice overview of the status per field

Moreover, we now made it possible to send out contracts per SMS which was requested by many of our customers. 

redesign Sign platform update


DNS-based SIP Trunk connectivity

It is now possible to connect to SIP Trunking via a URL. This makes it more simple to integrate with our Platform and easier to integrate with our SIP Trunk to any system out there. The DNS-based connectivity automatically balances voice calls over our geographically redundant IP addresses. Ready to set it up? The following domains are available for you:,, Go to our Voice Management App to start. 

New inbound platform

We have recently expanded our global platform for inbound telephony, increasing its capacity and resilience. 

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