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Platform Updates: July 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers work hard to improve the platform. In this update, you can read everything about the latest changes.

platform update


Send invites via WhatsApp Business

  • Speed up the signing of contracts? Send the invitation to sign via the recipient's preferred channel. With Sign, sending invitations via email and SMS was already possible for some time, but since June 2021 WhatsApp has been added. This makes us unique in the market and gives our customers more flexibility in sending invites via channels of choice. 

Check the sign flow via an invite via WhatsApp: 

Sharing documents within the Sign dashboard

  • From now on it is possible to share documents within the Sign dashboard with your colleagues. Are you going on holiday or not able to check the status/ response to an invitee? Then share the document with a colleague so he or she is able to follow up or (re)send documents in your name. This improvement makes the signing experience for your customers even better and makes it possible to decrease the signing time.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Idea Portal

  • Do you have an idea how Mobile Marketing Cloud can become even better? Let us know via the idea portal.


Background colors

  • Make sections stand out more by giving the background of your page a different color.

pages background color

Set page width

  • Adjust the maximum width of your page to make it also look good on large desktop screens.

pages page width

Input fields with validation

  • Make sure form fields are filled with what you want. Fields can be validated with Text (only text), Numeric (only numbers), Telephone, and Email (@ and domain suffix).

Desktop editing & preview

  • Create desktop-friendly pages and preview them in desktop view before putting them live.

pages preview mode

Embeddable pages

  • Easily embed forms on your own website, without the use of integration.

Conversational AI Cloud

Intent Feature

  • The new intent feature is an AI-driven component that boosts the intelligence of your chatbot. It's the smart way to recognize your customer's questions and understand what they are set out to do.
  • Using AI to better understand your customers, you can go into intelligent conversations much faster and dynamically. Of course, in line with all of our other features, we give you control over how your AI behaves.
  • Can't wait to get started using the new intents? We have various support articles to get you on your way to working with this exciting new feature.

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