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Understanding omnichannel marketing

With so many channels available to consumers, the idea of catering for each one is the kind of challenge that keeps marketers awake at night. It needn’t be a nightmare, though.  Delivering a unified experience across all channels is the basis of omnichannel marketing. 

Put simply, omnichannel marketing is providing a consistent, cohesive brand experience across every channel that you operate, across different devices, throughout the customer journey. 

Think about the number of channels your business operates. You’re probably active on multiple social media platforms. You also likely have some form of web presence – whether you’re active in ecommerce or not. You’ll also be producing content, online ads; you may even have a customer service chatbot and use messaging channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram, for example. Omnichannel marketing is the process of unifying all of your channels.

Why omnichannel marketing?

Delivering a seamless experience across all of those channels is essential as modern consumers often switch between channels as they move down the purchase funnel. Frictionless movement ensures they can continue the customer journey regardless of which device they’re using.

There are multiple benefits to this approach, including: 

Increased revenue – giving your customers multiple routes to purchase removes many of the barriers that lead to abandoned carts and missed sales opportunities. If you can buy with one touch from whatever device or platform you’re on, you’re more likely to generate impulse purchases. 

Track customer behaviour – an omnichannel approach makes tracking your customers’ behaviour simple. It’ll help you attribute conversions to marketing activity and ensure your spend is generating ROI.

Personalised messaging – tracking your customers across multiple platforms is simplified so you can create personalised messaging for each customer and their specific customer journey. 

Predict trends - beyond pure conversions, omnichannel marketing allows you to avoid unexpected logistical issues by predicting demand for your products or services. 

Be device & platform agnostic - you might discover a brand on social media, visit the website later on your laptop and add a few things to your cart, then come back later to finalise your purchase on your phone. A truly omnichannel marketing approach makes that possible. 

Aggregate analytics - with an omnichannel marketing approach, you can easily integrate all of your analytics into one dashboard, making gathering insights and acting upon them quickly far simpler. 

Automate your marketing - once you’ve begun omnichannel marketing, you can start to automate some of the simpler, time-consuming tasks that distract your team from bigger picture marketing activity. 

Omnichannel marketing made easy

So how you do you go about implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy? You’ll need a tool that can plug straight into your existing channels and help you create omnichannel marketing campaigns, while also allowing to you to track your data and make changes on the fly. Customer journey mapping and conversion tracking will help you focus your efforts and maximise your marketing spend.’s Mobile Marketing Cloud’s powerful suite of tools allows you to automate your marketing messages to create personalised campaigns that deliver results, track your customer behaviour and store data in the included Customer Data Platform (CDP) to inform your marketing campaigns. It’s a one-stop shop for omnichannel marketing. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get started with omnichannel marketing, get in touch today.

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