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Conversational AI

Your customers are speaking; are you listening?

The phrase, “The customer is always right,” has never been more true than today. Customer service expectations have skyrocketed over the past five years, with a host of platforms and services continually one-upping each other in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Theresa Bullock
Theresa Bullock,
Technical Consultant

It’s not down to one event or company; it’s been a cumulative increase year-on-year as new players have upped the customer service ante exponentially.

The Institute of Customer Service’s July 2022 UK Customer Satisfaction Index surveyed 10,000 over-18s, with 34% saying they’d be happy to pay more for a guarantee of excellent customer service, compared to 25.9% in Jan 2020 and 29.5% in Jan 2021. 

Customers’ expectations of easy, frictionless and personalised customer service are one thing, but there’s also the expectation that when things go wrong, or they’re dissatisfied for whatever reason, their feedback is listened to and acted upon. A ‘sorry’ is all well and good, but customers want to see that there’s action behind the apologies.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer, also known as VoC, refers to the component of customer experience management that focuses on customer feedback regarding wants, expectations and preferences. This is where you can understand how your customers want to interact with you and the level of service they’d like to receive. It’s invaluable information for any organisation that wants to improve brand sentiment and create loyalty and advocacy amongst its customers.

They said what?

But how do you make sure your customers can speak to you? And most importantly, how can you collate all that feedback into a universal, single source of truth to allow you to make positive changes to your business?

Having all of your feedback in one place has a variety of benefits:

  • Spot trends

See how many customers are identifying the same issue. This can help you prioritise your resources.

  • Get great ideas

Customers may not just have the problem. They may also have the solution. Keep track of great ideas and make sure your team implement them fast. 

  • Filter searches

The ability to view feedback by demography, geography, or behavioural segments means that you can focus on particular parts of your business that need the most help.

  • See the detail

Get access to the specifics of customer responses quickly to see who said what and when.

Conversational AI Cloud

Our approach is to make feedback easy to collate, find and act upon. Using our Conversational AI Cloud, there are many ways you can collect feedback from your customers and store it, even if it’s gathered from different channels, including messaging apps and even conversations with chatbots.

One of 20 out-of-the-box dashboards we provide, our feedback dashboard lets you quickly identify trends and act upon them. The dashboard makes things simple for you by providing on-the-spot analysis of each type of feedback, grouping them by sentiment, for example, for a quick overview of all the negative (or positive) feedback you’ve received. You can group feedback by date or time, feedback score, or the ID of the feature they’re commenting on. It’s a powerful tool to uncover what people think about your brand, service or product. 


Check out our blog about optimising customer service to find out more about the different ways you can collect, organise and use feedback from your customers.

Our team is on-hand to show you the benefits of the Conversational AI Cloud platform via an in-depth demo or to talk you through the benefits in-person or over the phone. Get in touch and let us supercharge the way you manage customer feedback.

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Theresa Bullock
Theresa Bullock,
Technical Consultant
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Theresa is a Technical Consultant for the UK&I. She is passionate about NLP, cutting-edge solutions and conversational AI technology. As an expert in her field, Theresa guides customers in implementing chatbots, voicebots and SaaS solutions.

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