The Convers-AI-tional Nation Report Summary

Examining the performance of the UK’s leading retail and travel brands when it comes to customer engagement.

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UK retail and travel brands fall
short on customer service

As UK consumers become more cautious in spending, efficient, effective customer service is more critical than ever.

We’ve seen reports suggesting UK consumers are unhappy with the level of service, but how are brands performing?

In a bid to lift the lid on how the top 50 UK retail and travel brands are doing when it comes to service, we audited the availability of communication channels and asked a series of FAQs via each channel, assessing speed and effectiveness.

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    Over one in three (36%) of the UK’s leading brands are only contactable during office hours.

  2. 2


    Just two-fifths (44%) had a chatbot available for basic customer service questions.

  3. 3


    Nearly half (45%) of our customer service queries went completely unanswered.

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