Internal chatbots: customer success stories

Discover how NI Water, Missguided and Orbit use internal chatbots to fill knowledge gaps and fast-track team training.

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Discover internal chatbots

An internal chatbot, or internal knowledge base chatbot, allows you to hold a vast amount of internal company information in one place for your customer service team.

It can fast- track new employee training and enable new starters to become more effective, freeing up more experienced staff to focus on quality customer care rather than line management and training.

Want to learn how NI Water, Missguided and Orbit use internal chatbots?

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    NI Water

    Northern Ireland Water uses a chatbot to revamp its internal communication.

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    Missguided uses an internal knowledge base to streamline the role of support agents.

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    Orbit uses an internal chatbot to free up its service team to deliver real value.