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What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp Business Platform allows medium to large businesses to scale engagement, accelerate sales and seamlessly interact with customers. Enabling companies to put customers at the centre of communication with rich, interactive messages.

Use WhatsApp Business Platform for sales, marketing and support:

Alert customers of new products and services

Engage with customers throughout the buying journey

Respond to customer queries and concerns

WhatsApp Business Platform is the way forward for medium or large companies.

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WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp Business Platform

What's the difference between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business Platform?

WhatsApp Business App is aimed at SMEs looking to send a small number of messages to phone-based contacts. But once your business grows with higher volume messages, the app has downsides and limitations.

WhatsApp Business Platform supports medium to large enterprises with unlimited users and devices, automation and connects to back-end ERP and CRM systems.

If a handful of people are unable to manage the volume, your business needs the WhatsApp Business Platform, made available through recognised providers, such as CM.com.

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    Connects to ERP and CRM systems

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    Supports unlimited users and devices

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    Useful for programmatic messaging and automation

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Radius Payment Solutions uses WhatsApp Business Platform

With a rapidly-growing customer base, Radius needed to find more efficient ways to keep in touch with its increasingly mobile customers, so it chose two-way communication via WhatsApp to keep its customer service on the right track.

Radius’s WhatsApp channel has resulted in markedly more opportunities to engage with its customers and it’s meant that basic tasks can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

"CM.com gave us the technology and an agent platform to help respond to those people."

Colin Peters, European Communications Director

whatsapp business service automation

What are WhatsApp chatbots for business?

WhatsApp Business Platform integrates with chatbots, enabling businesses to automate customer service conversations and reduce pressure on agents.

Let the WhatsApp chatbot handle FAQs so your agents can focus on the conversations that really matter. If needed, hand it over to a live agent. This way, you can still be of real value to your customers.

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    Answer queries instantly, through the most convenient channel

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    Uplift your conversion rate and revenue

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    Seamless handover to a human agent at the right time if needed

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How to get started with WhatsApp Business Platform

If you're a medium to large enterprise looking to integrate WhatsApp into your business, arrange an introductory call to discuss WhatsApp Business Platform with CM.com.

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