Mobile Order and Pay.

Event and festival visitors order and pay quickly and seamlessly via their mobile phone

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Payments Mobile Order

Mobile Orders and Contactless Payments

Mobile Order makes it quick and easy to order and pay at events and festivals. Visitors select and order food, drinks or other products via an online order page or the festival app on their own mobile phone.

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Let Your Customers Order and Pay

Applications of Mobile Order

Festivals & Events

With Mobile Order, event and festival visitors simply order via e.g. QR codes or WhatsApp, on an online order page or festival app and pay directly or afterwards.

Sports Events

Supporters easily place their orders and pick them up without waiting in line. With Mobile Order it’s even possible to serve the order direct to the customer’s table.

Mobile Order

How Does Mobile Order Work

Let visitors place their orders and pay with their mobile phone. Via a QR code, link or app, they are directed to your online order page, where they order from your digital menu and directly pay.

When the order is placed, it can be picked up at the specified time or served by personnel. Simply monitor the orders on your dashboard and get direct insight into your sales.

Your visitors no longer need to wait for a waiter or stand in line. Also direct contact between visitors and personnel is minimised. 

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Mobile Order for Event Organisers

With Mobile Order you quickly serve your visitors, even during peak hours. At the same time, your visitors experience a user-friendly and secure ordering and payment process. In addition, you easily manage your online order page, products and locations.

The order and payment process will be completely taken off your hands with Mobile Order. This reduces labor costs and makes it easier to estimate your staffing.

  1. User-friendly, seamless and secure order and payment process

  2. Reduce labour costs and easily estimate staffing

  3. Realtime insight into sales and revenue

  4. No hardware or payment systems required

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Enjoy Contactless With Mobile Ordering and Payments @ Tribe

Visitors at ‘De Tuin’ and ‘Het Strand van 2020’ scan the QR code on their table with a mobile phone and directly enter the online order page. Here they select their order and directly pay online. When the order is placed, waiting staff serve the food and drinks to the table.

The entire ordering and payment process is taken out of your hands. In general, direct contact is reduced and you are able to serve your visitors safe and quickly.

During the ticketing purchase process, visitors can also order snacks in advance, which benefits your cashflow.

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Stay in Contact With Your Visitors

Stay in contact with your visitors and send (automated) messages to promote for example your next event or your new menu. Use the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and different communication channels like WhatsApp, SMS and email to stay connected.

  1. Manage your customer data in Customer Data Platform

  2. Create segmentations based on the profile data

  3. Use popular communication channels: WhatsApp, RCS, SMS or email

  4. Automate your communication for up-and cross-sell opportunities

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Advantages of Mobile Order

Mobile Order is ideal for events and festivals where there is little to no existing payment infrastructure present. With Mobile Order every (BYO) device becomes a cash register. In addition, we also provide receipt printers and payment terminals (optional).

  1. Personalisation: your own look and feel

  2. Various payment methods and currencies

  3. Multilingual: 50+ languages

  4. Integrate with communication channels and Customer Data Platform

The Tosti Club

Conversational Commerce - The Tosti Club

If you fancy a sandwich but don't have much time, The Tosti Club offers the possibility to order your sandwich by mobile phone. All you have to do is scan a QR code and use WhatsApp. The QR code can be found on The Tosti Clubs' loyalty card.

A WhatsApp screen will open automatically with "Order" in the messaging bar. Click send, and the ordering process will commence. The whole ordering process happens within your WhatsApp app. Next, a payment screen appears and as soon as you've paid, you'll receive a confirmation via SMS. Soon, your delicious toasted sandwich will be ready.

Pricing - Mobile Order


€ 19

  • 1,000 orders included

  • VISA / MasterCard (EU / Domestic cards): 1.75% + €0.14

  • AMEX: 2.25% + €0.14

  • iDEAL: €0.20

  • SMS notification: €0.0790

  • Printer rental: €30 per week

  • Support: Via email

    * Cost per order: €0.04 - from 1,000 orders


€ 69

  • 2,500 orders included

  • VISA / MasterCard (EU / Domestic cards): 1.60% + €0.14

  • AMEX: 2.25% + €0.14

  • iDEAL: €0.18

  • SMS notification: €0.0749

  • Printer rental: €30 per week

  • Support: Telephone / Chat

    * Cost per order: €0.03 - from 2,500 orders


On request

  • 5,000 orders included

  • VISA / MasterCard (EU / Domestic cards): 1.50% + €0.14

  • AMEX: 2.25% + €0.14

  • iDEAL: on request (from €0.16)

  • SMS notification: €0.0707

  • Printer rental: €30 per week

  • Support: Customer Service Mgt

    * Cost per order: €0.02 - from 5,000 orders

User-Friendly Ordering App for Visitor and Organizer

Simplify the ordering & payment process

Accessible for Visitors

Let your visitors order anytime, anywhere. No queues, no cash, no missing coins. Users place their orders at their convenience and get a clear overview of all their order.

Efficient for Organisers

Improve your visitor experience and boost your sales. Use real-time data and reporting without using hardware or payment systems to make their next visit even better than the previous one.

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