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Payment Methods for Fast and Easy Check-Out

Get started with all payment methods available from the platform and allow your customers to pay the way they prefer.

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Online Payment Methods Pricing

Volume Discount > 2,000 Transactions p/m

Payment Method Costs Processing Costs
Payment Method Costs Processing Costs

MasterCard / Visa


£ 0,14

American Express


£ 0,14

Apple Pay

1.65% - 1.85%

£ 0,14


PayPal costs

£ 0,14

Payments Check-Out

One of the most important aspects of your payment process are the payment methods you offer to your customers.

Build your check-out page in a way that reflects your business and the needs of your customer when they proceed to payment.

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​We’d like to help you grow your business. Start testing our payment platform and test payments via iDEAL, MasterCard and Visa or get in touch with our support team and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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