Effortlessly Receive Direct Debits.

Automatically collect and follow up on subscription fees and other returning payments with AutoCollect.

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Offer Payment in Terms and Benefit of Automated Follow-Up

Following up on missed payments is a burden to any organisation. Consider the situation where customers aren't able to pay your costs in one payment.

Direct debit requests fail due to blocks and it is almost impossible to gain immediate insight in which customers have paid or not. AutoCollect is here to solve this for you.

With AutoCollect, your direct debit payments are automatically processed. Also, CM.com takes care of your follow-up. Moreover, you have immediate insight in the status of your outstanding payments. AutoCollect offers an easy way to improve your cash flow.

  1. Payment in Terms

    Allow more people to buy your product by splitting the purchase price in multiple payment terms (1 or more).

  2. Automated Follow-Up

    Missed payments are automatically rescheduled or followed by an digital payment request (e-mail or SMS).

  3. Direct Insights

    Get real time insight into the paid and missed payment terms from the dashboard.

cm autocollect

How Does AutoCollect Work?

The AutoCollect API is for companies who wants to be in charge of their scheduled payments. Set up a payment plan, link payment periods to it and attach your debtors.

After this AutoCollect will suffice the payments over the set up periods and will notify when a payment is successful.

  1. Upload a file with debtors, amount and number of payment terms

  2. AutoCollect automatically send direct debits requests

  3. The status of the direct debit is closely monitored by our system

  4. If a payment fails, the system triggers a follow-up

Additional Features of the Dashboard


Mark as Paid

You can mark the invoice as paid so no more payment requests are sent. For example when your customer paid the open invoice at your counter.

Resend Reminder

Send a reminder via e-mail or SMS on request. The reminder contains a link to a custom payment page with local payment methods (f.e. Ideal).

Remove Consumer

Remove a debtor for all future payments when they cancel the service.

nac breda

Nac Breda Collects Direct Debit Payments of Season Tickets

Besides Voice and SMS, NAC Breda uses the CM.com platform to collect direct debit payments of season tickets. Supporters can pay their NAC Breda season ticket in installments.

If the season ticket holder does not pay one of the terms, he will receive an SMS with the request to pay. This text message contains a link with which he can complete the payment directly. If the supporter meets the overdue payment, the season ticket is not blocked. These operations are fully automated thanks to AutoCollect.

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