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[Webinar recap] Communication Channels Powering Business Messaging

“Nothing great was ever achieved without communication.” In today’s world, great ideas won’t sell themselves. Having a good idea isn’t enough to become successful unless you communicate successfully with your audience. Communication is key to getting ahead and achieving success in the modern world. So, how can your business effectively communicate and talk to customers’ needs and keep them close? The answer to this is “be where your customers are, on their most preferred channels – we call it conversational messaging.”  

So, in a recent webinar that we hosted on channels powering business messaging, Kavi Arunachalam, Account Executive at, talked about the different communication channels powering business messaging to scale your reach and engagement and also delight your customers. Let’s delve into it.   

Consumer behavior is moving towards digital  

Customer expectations are changing – Today’s customers not only crave personalized interactions with your brand, but they also prefer convenience. Customers want to talk to brands. But they expect communication to be seamless, convenient, and fast – as naturally as they communicate with their family and friends.   

They prefer mobile as their primary communication channel and expect to interact with brands on their preferred conversational channel.     

First, you need a presence on all the important channels to meet these needs and offer a truly customer-centric experience. Second, as a brand, you also need to interplay between all these channels to increase customer engagement and conversion.    

71% of consumers today favor communicating with a business via messaging channels over traditional channels – the reason why messaging channels are increasingly getting popular. Channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are growing their user base exponentially. To seize the opportunity, you need to identify the channels your customers use the most such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Apple Messages for Business, and integrate these channels into your business messaging.   


Conversational messaging is no longer an option  

Customer engagement today happens on a variety of online channels. Whether it’s person-to-person messaging, SMS notifications, email, or voice calls, each one is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship: to attract, engage, interact, and convert customers.   

A successful business, therefore, begins with its customers. What messaging channels do they use? What messaging channels do they prefer? Companies that integrate the messaging channels keeping customer-centricity at the top of mind will offer a better experience as compared to those who don’t. 

Ultimately, customer engagement is about conversations and context, whether inbound or outbound, that greatly enhances each customer interaction. It’s about having these conversations when and where your customers need it. And that’s why for any business that values customer relations – a conversational messaging strategy isn’t just an option.  

In the webinar series, the new era of customer engagement we discuss all these scenarios with our audience with a very informative Q&A session. We will be hosting a series of webinars in July where we talk in detail about how to use customer conversations as a catalyst to advance your business at scale.   

The other topics in the series include:

  • The GenZ way of customer service is here - and it's conversational!
  • Why cross-channel engagement matter in customer engagement strategies?
  • How to build a collaborative customer service operation?
  • How to get a 360° view of customer behaviour by unifying customer data?
  • The importance of customer data in resolving support queries
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