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Conversational Commerce

Conversational Messaging: Seize the Omnichannel Messaging Opportunity

Customer engagement today happens on a variety of online channels. Each one is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship: to attract, engage, interact, and convert customers. Customers expect efficient communication with a business and through their preferred channels and devices - in an effort to solve their queries faster. Most customers expect answers to their questions within 30 seconds, and they prefer mobile as their primary communication channel.

As customer expectations change, companies have to adapt. To be successful, companies will need to adopt a mobile-first messaging mentality and go beyond single-channel communication like email and a website. 

It all begins with customers. Knowing what messaging channels do your customers use? What messaging channels do they prefer? Understanding your customers and minimizing friction on the path to purchase is crucial to delivering superior customer experience and growing your business.

But, how can your business effectively stand out and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the modern world? That’s where conversational messaging can help. It allows companies to be available to their customers across the customer journey: from customer service to notifications or even dispute resolution. Here are some use cases of mobile communication with conversational messaging use cases for every customer interaction.


  • Send timely notification on booking reservation, shipping update in an instant. 
  • Send reminders of deliveries, orders, appointments. 
  • Re-engage your audience with promotions and personalized discounts on real-time.


  • Talk with your customers on their preferred channel and deliver support when it matters the most.
  • Reduce pressure on your customer support team with the chatbot integration and automation.
  • Improve service levels by empowering your teams to solve customer issues in a single conversation with a single agent with an omnichannel approach.

Verification and security: 

  • Authenticate transactions and user logins with two-factor authentication.
  • Securely access bank and other accounts with a timely One-Time Password.
  • Validate payment and other important transactions. 


  • Attract and engage customers with marketing messages to update them at every step of the customer journey. (for example courier tracking— updates about the delivery guy’s journey.) 
  • Boost your customer engagement with relevant service notifications to keep them in the loop at every step of the customer journey. 
  • Drive high conversion using a combination of mobile messaging channels such as SMS and WhatsApp for mobile marketing campaigns that convert.

Conversational Messaging: No Longer Optional 

Whether it is to know about a particular product, track their orders, or resolve a product or service issue, consumers no longer rely on a phone call alone. It is essential now more than ever to communicate with your customers on their favorite messaging channels. A siloed approach to communicating with customers via emails, phone calls, and SMS messages is no longer enough! 

But what customers don’t want is to download another app to do it. They want to choose their preferred conversational channels they already use in their daily lives to speak with businesses. Whether that’s via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, Apple Messages for Business, or even when calling.

Statista’s Mobile messaging apps statistics from 2019 show that over 41 million messages go out every minute. Source: Statista.

With 2.52 billion people using messaging apps on mobile, which is expected to reach 3 billion in 2022, it’s no wonder messaging apps are growing at such a rapid speed. 

Messaging needs to be part of businesses’ conversational messaging strategy and is no longer optional. Every company must take conversational messaging into account to communicate with its customers, partners, and employees.

  • To build sustained relationships, 
  • To optimize and streamline processes,  
  • To use human resources more efficiently,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.  

Essential Messaging Channels for Every Customer Interaction 

Today’s customers not only crave personalized interactions with your brand, but they also prefer convenience. It’s best to have a presence on all the necessary channels to offer a truly customer-centric experience. 

But which channel will be the right fit to guarantee your customers a better experience? Do you want to know the opportunities of each of these messaging channels for your business? If you’re stuck with figuring out which channels would resonate best with your customers, we’ve compiled the advantages some of the most popular messaging channels can bring to your business.

Integrate Different Channels Into One Conversation and Delight Customers With Omnichannel Messaging 

Being accessible to your customers on their most preferred channels is a first step to optimizing quality service, increasing brand engagement, improving customer experience, and reducing pressure on customer care agents. The best way to achieve this is by integrating conversational channels into your digital offerings that drive frictionless communication with your customers. It also improves cost savings and promotes improving CSAT scores. 

conversational commerce

Compared to traditional single-channel communication, omnichannel messaging lets you communicate in a way that makes sense to your customer because customers can control how they experience it. The goal is to keep the conversation connected as a user switches between platforms. It’s the ability to pick and choose which conversational channel to converse on.

When an SMS can link to a web page, a voice call IVR to a WhatsApp chat, or other conversational channels to continue the conversation with a human or a chatbot — the experience becomes truly seamless. Because it lets you integrate different channels into one conversation.

Get the Conversational Framework Right! 

Considering consumers spend most of their time on their mobile phones, it makes sense to opt for technologies that are uniquely focused on mobile. A mobile solution that aids customers where they want to be helped – on their personal devices via SMS, email, live chat, messaging apps and more. 

For Customer Service

All your customer service teams need to scale up the operations are the right tools that aid in driving better, more personalized experiences that delight customers. That’s what Mobile Service Cloud intends to do – deliver a great customer experience by automating conversations at scale. With Mobile Service Cloud,’s Customer Service platfrom, you can be available on all channels and drive conversations with context on a single interface.  

For Marketers

Using Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can activate all communication channels you need in your dashboard and unleash the power of omnichannel messaging. Get access to all mobile messaging channels through and deliver a truly omnichannel experience at the heart of your customer engagement. With Mobile Marketing Cloud -’s unified platform, you have everything you need in one place – making it possible for marketers to optimize customer engagement with a single, intelligent platform.

Setting Up Conversational Messaging With 

With an omnichannel strategy for conversational messaging, you can complete end-to-end customer interactions in the channels your customers prefer, from first enquiry to final purchase — and beyond, in a single conversation. 

CPaaS partners like enable omnichannel possibilities for you by gathering different conversational channels together in a place where you can treat them as one: the cloud. With as your CPaaS partner, you are empowered to send an automated update via SMS, a chatbot response on WhatsApp Business, or swing in an agent when the conversation needs a human touch. The possibilities are endless. 

What matters to us is that each customer interaction happens in context: not a series of one-offs, but a connected conversation with the customer at the center. It’s about conversations when and where they need it. And that’s why for any business that values customer relations, a conversational messaging strategy with an omnichannel offer isn’t optional. offers a wide range of messaging opportunities which are beneficial for your business. Here are some significant advantages:

  • Global reach which means faster messaging, more safety and compliance to local legislation.
  • Seamless integration across the board: both API and software Solution.
  • Simplified communications that fit your customer’s needs.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for data-driven decisions. 
  • In addition, it gives you time and peace to focus on what matters most: your business.
  • Enterprise ready scalability and reliability. 

Get Easy Access to These Channels:

Easily access all these channels through our Business Messaging API or our software solutions. is one of the few aggregators offering conversational channels messaging from Facebook, Apple, Google, and carriers. 

Business Messaging API 

Integrate the Business Messaging API and stay connected to your customers on their preferred messaging channels. Our API brings together all communication channels and enables large volumes of two-way messaging on a global scale. 

Mobile Marketing Cloud 

Mobile Marketing Cloud unifies all data sources into a 360-degree customer profile. It is the only solution that provides access to all messaging channels, enabling you to create personalized multi-channel experiences. 

Mobile Service Cloud 

An all-in-one customer relationship solution with everything you need to deliver a seamless customer experience. Interact with your customers through their preferred channel from a single, omnichannel inbox and implement a chatbot. 

Get started with one or all of our Conversational Channels. Let our adaptive platform help you scale down or up along with your and your customers' needs. Reach out to sales

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Get started with one or all of our Conversational Channels. Let our adaptive platform help you scale down or up along with your and your customers' needs. Reach out to sales

Get Started Today
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